Musical Fidelity A3CD

Does anyone know if the Musical Fidelity A3CD player comes in chrome-trimmed units? Audio Advisor sells them in gold-trimmed units, but I'm just wondering if they come in chrome-trimmed. I have never saw or heard of them in chrome-trimmed. I'm just curious.

Any response is appreciated!
No, I do not believe so, just silver and gold. Not my cup of tea either.
I would like to see the MF stuff available sans gold also. It can look pretty gaudy next to most components.
I agree. There are some MF pieces that i would consider purchasing if they did not create such a contrast with the rest of the gear that it would be residing near. While it might look sharp as part of an entire MF system, it does not blend well with others when using MF components individually. BIG marketing mistake in my point of view. To be fair though, Musical Fidelity is NOT alone in doing something like this. Sean
I've seen recently that MF is offering many (all?) of the A series components in "platinum" now. I don't know when these items will arrive in the US, though. Soon, I hope. A call to Audio Advisor informed me that they have "lost" their distributorship for MF and probably won't be getting any more of their products. MF is expanding their US distributor base, I believe, so someone should be getting these products soon.
Wow just talked to my man JD at Audio Advisor and they will
no longer be carrying Musical Fidelity, they were very surprised by this development. I was assured that AA would service any MF product they sold. It is unclear who will
be selling MF in USA now but probably multiple outlets.

I am speculating that MF felt is was too restrictive to have only one dealer for entire USA, and now will market through multiple dealers, we will see what develops.
I am surprised that even if they wanted multiple dealers they didn't kept AA as dealer as they sold large volumes for MF.

I asked if any closeout specials for MF gear, AA said they
sold new MF stuff almost as fast as they could get it and have low inventory levels, and even have some stuff currently backordered. If you were considering getting MF piece soon I would call them now.
I wonder what products AA will be "foisting" on Sam Tellig now ??? All they have left is Parasound and Adcom..... Sean