Musical Fidelity A324 transport questions

Hi folks.

This outbound converter is my first choice for "affordable" digital processing however I am aware that it is transport dependent on getting out of it what you pay for.

When I auditioned the unit, it was connected to a MF A3.2 player and the differences were night and day. My dad has the Sony XA777ES which is one of the best redbook players I have ever heard. Wondering if adding the MF to that player would be overkill. Would also like to hear opinions or experiences with decently priced players with very good transports that match the d.a.'s quality for an audiophile on a budget.

Thanks for the time.

I have the Sony SCD-777ES as a transport feeding the Musical Fidelity Tri-Vista DAC via a glass toslink connection. It sounds much better than the Sony alone: bigger soundstage, more detached from the speakers, better inner detail/separation of voices, more weight and body to voices and instruments. It's a big difference. Music through the Sony/MF combination is just more interesting and involving and less fatiguing than the Sony on its own.