Musical Fidelity A308CR Pre Upgrade


I've got an older Musical Fidelity A308CR Pre in excellent condition. Looking to upgrade the unit after all these years and considering selling it. Anyone know what these go for? I'd say it's a 8/10 or 9/10 and even has the original box and packing materials.

For a replacement was thinking of an AR Reference 5 or the DeHavilland Mercury 3. Suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

This will be paired with a set of Antique Sound Labs Hurricanes with some Joseph Audio Pearl 3s.

Hello jillybean-

I look forward in reading more about your system once you decide on a pre-amp.  After all of these years, you may be one of the very few, whom own JA Pearl 3 speakers.  I have only auditioned the Pulsar and Perspective models. Did you start w/ the original Pearl and move upward to the Pearl2 then Pearl3 ?

Happy Listening!