Musical Fidelity A308 Integrated

Has anyone heard the new Musical Fidelity A-308 integrated amplifier? How does it compare to other Musical Fidelity pieces. I am considering a possible downsizing of my system and have heard good things regarding Musical Fidelity.....still haven't had a chance to listen though....thanks.
Already discussed - do a search.
I did a search prior to submitting the thread and found that there is not much information on this piece.
Jla, this is a great amp. There is a very positive review of it in the September issue of Hi-Fi News by Dave Berriman.If you can't get your hands on a copy email me and I would be happy to fax. you a copy.
Here ya go :-))
I have about 40 hours on my A308 Int with B&W Naut 805 and Rega Planet as source. Here is what I found
1) The Rega tends to throw a unmusical sounnd on mid to upper octave of piano music, voclas tend to be a litlle edgy, I am told by oithers this amp needs 100-200 hrs burn in so I'll wait and see.
2) As far as soundstage and deetail -forget about it.. it has more there, there. Tons of detail I am hearing things on std cd's I never heard b4.
3) Build quality is superb fit, finish and feel is "Levinson-ish".
4) To cure my digitalis I just ordered a matching A308 CD upsampler player with Dimarzio cables. Need to burn this in also for a few hours b4 critical listening.
5) Going to move the Rega to my B room.

You cant go wrong with the 308 ! If you are looking for a killer deal check out underwoodwally on this site.