Musical Fidelity A300cr.

Has anybody heard this amp? Opinions would be appreciated.
This is a great sounding integrated - full stop - and at its price it is truly phenomenal. I ended up not buying it, however, because I went up to their A3cr separates. There are lots of rave reviews out there if that interests you and they are usually sold new with a 30-day return policy.
I think you're referring to the A300 integrated. The A300CR is a 225wpc separate power amp.
If you are talking about the A300 integrated, I had one for the 30 day trial from Audio Advisor and really liked it. It was not rolled off in the highs to my ears (like some reviews have said), but actually very forward. The tone was superb (horns sounded great as did piano) and the detail exceptional. I did not think it was especially powerful but for $1500.00 was a steal.
Try the Creek integrated too.
My associated equipment was Magnepan 1.6, Rega CD 2000, Blue Heaven wire and IC throughout.
By the way, I ended up going with Rogue tube gear that cost 4 times as much. For $1500 I would have bought the A300 (the Creek was not out yet)
Just my 2 cents. I also am not referring to the A300CR but to my A3CR and Audio Research LS-12 combo I use in a small second system. Simply much more fluid, musical sound than you would ever expect from solid state. Incredible value.