Musical Fidelity a300 Integratedvs a308 Integrated

Are there any tangible or significant diffferences/improvements in the sound/performance between these two integrateds. Both are rated at 150 watts per channel in dual mono configuration.

I have the a300 and wondered if it was worth trying to score an a308.


I have the A300 and replaced all the 10uF 50V bipolar electrolytic caps in the signal path with Nichicon Muse versions and am simply in awe of the sound I get from this integrated. Anthony Michealson eschewed high end components in his products, favoring circuit design over parts quality, but bipolar electrolytics can greatly vary the sound.

I was the US Service Manager for Nagra and dCS, Ltd., and repaired Musical Fidelity, McIntosh Labs, Plinius, Arcam, NAD and Eastern Electric, and must say I feel no embarrassment nor sound quality lacking in comparison to any high end amp IN MY SYSTEM/ROOM.
Wow! Mcintech, I'm not a diy guy, but what you've done sounds impressive! Suffice to say that you believe your amp is as good if not better than the a308. Can you suggest someone who can perform these upgrades to my amp. The volume knob gets scratchy at times so I know it can use some cleaning up as well.