Musical Fidelity A3 vs A3.2 Integrated?

Has anyone done an A/B on these? How much difference is there between these two? I'm looking to drive a pair of Dynaudio 52s
Forget about both A3 and 3.2, and go for A300 instead, with 100wpc. A3 and A300 were the predesessors of the A3.2. and MF decided to merge the 2 into 1 and ended up with 75wpc in the middle. If you look hard enough, you can find a good A300 here for much less than a A3.2. Save the money for another cable. My 2 cents.

I have recently heard the A3.2 amp driving a pair of ProAc D15 speakers. I must say that the amp did a fantastic job both in terms of grunt/ woofer handling and also in terms of finer handling of delicate passages. this amp is also well reviewed
The 3.2v will tighten up the bass but is a little brighter than A3 but since the Dyn's tend to the dark side (hahahaha) could be a good match depending on your taste.
I have the a3.2 cd player and integrated amp. They drive a pair of Dynaudio Contour 1.3 mkII. I would definetely choose the 3.2 because it beats the older a3 on al fronts.
I am in the same boat. Which one is better. My choices are

MF A3cr amp + pre separates
MF A3.2cr amp + pre separates
MF A308 integrated

Which one is best of the money? I heard the A3cr is teh darkest. Will be running 803N on these
A3 sims to play with dynaudio nice, but it is not good idea to make partners. For A3 better partners are for example Vienna Acoustics Mozart or Proac 125 9depend what you like). If you are looking for amp. to yours Dyna, you should look for other amps. (For me it plays weel for example with NAD).