Musical Fidelity A3 CR Vs A3.2 Integrated


Does any one has experience comparing the performance of A3 CR (Pre + Power) Vs A3.2 Integrated? A new A3.2 is not far from the price of used good condition A3 CR set. I want to upgrade my A3 integrated to either one.

What is your take?

In my bright room with semi-bright speakers the A3 work for me. The A3.2 is more extended in the highs- I consider bright and fatiguing. Depends on if your speakers AND room are bright or laid back.
Besides seperates give more power, more versatility, choke regulation - blacker background.
With the model progression of the MF integated ... which would be A300 to A3 to A3.2 ... the MF sound has been tweaked to become more detailed and analytical.

I originally owned a MF A3 integrated (gold trim) and have since upgraded to a MF CD PRE24 (combination preamp & cd player) and a MF A300 power amp. The move has worked out well, even though I did not originally start out to have separates.

I always liked the MF A3 integrated ... I found it to be an elegant and pleasing sounding amp. The 300 power amp though, is just as detailed, but has a warmer, richer sound to it and it drives any speaker load with ease. I always thought that the MF integrated was working hard (though not quite straining) even when playing music at lower levels.

Also, keep in mind, that your options with the A3 integrated are pretty limited, when it comes to switching in other components. The A3 does not have a PREAMP OUT and will not allow you to use a separate preamp. I found this out the hard way, as I just assumed that the A3 had a PREAMP OUT ... which is how I wound up ultimately with separates.

Not to spend your money, but if you were looking to upgrade your CD player and wanted considerably more power, as well ... for about $3000, you could get the CD PRE24 and the A300 power amp, new, from Upscale Audio . It would represent a very noticeable upgrade from the A3.

So, you will notice a worthwhile difference with separates and if you shop around, you will have some options.

Regards, Rich
I have owned the A3 and the 3.2.I definitely liked the A3 better.I don't mean to ruffle the feathers of any who disagree,just my opinion.In the same boat personally,I wonder about the digital amps.