Musical fidelity a3-24 OR Njoe Tjoeb 4000

Torn between the Musical fidelity A3-24 and Njoe Tjoeb 4000 !!
I listen to a lot of instrument (piano) music
I will use it with Jolida tube amp and Cabasse skiff 302 !!
I did an A/B test on these two a few weeks ago and I preferred my Njoe Tjoeb (much to my surprise). It just sounded a lot more lifelike, more bloom, better punch (dynamic) etc. Piano music sounded more real on the Tjoeb - you could hear the weight of the hammers better.

The Njoe Tjoeb is also only $579 - the MF A3-24 is $1200 or so. My advice: get a Tjoeb (it's a great transport on its own) and work from there...
I can't comment on that, but my Theta transport just took a dump, and I plugged in my Njoe Tjoeb in it's place. It has a $20 optional digital transformer. It took a dump all over my Theta. Go figure. I bought the Tjoeb for my office system and it now stays in my home hooked to my DAC.

I would use the Tjoeb as a transport. Then get the Musical Fidelity too. You get the best of both worlds.