Musical Fidelity A3 24 Dac, any thoughts? Reviews?

Howdy! Wondering if anyone would be so good as to comment on the Musical Fidelity A3 24 dac, wondering if it is as good as the rave reviews found in the press, what its "sound" is in your system, and what are you see as its strengths and weaknesses? If anyone could compare it to the MSB Nelson Link Dac w/upsampling, that would be great, too :) For such a highly rated dac I can hardly find any reviews of it online and it seems few people are using it. Thanks!
I have one, and like it. I have not had another DAC in my system to campare it with, but I can compare it to my sony 555es that I use for SACD and as the transport. Compared to the sony, the MF has more detail, especially in the highs. Also, the bass is a bit firmer. Not huge differences, but definately there in favor of the MF.
I tried the A3 24 with my Parasound CDP2000 Ultra belt-drive CD player. It didn't change a thing. We let it break-in for plenty of time. I gave it to my friend who has the Perpetual Technologies rig and he didn't hear any difference from just using straight CD. I tried his Perpetual rig and heard close to what I was hearing when I had my Cal Audio CL20 playing DAD's at 20/96.

So, I put the A3 24 back into my system and tried to work with it. I then ran my CDP straight into the pre amp only to hear that the CDP was doing a pretty damn good job.

Like I said, the MF rig was no big deal for me. Your mileage may vary. In the end I went to a Sony SCD-1 SACD player and I haven't looked back.
Soc. I listenned to this unit at the store with all MF and B&W equipment and was not impressed. The sound was different but by no means better than with the standard one box cd player.From now on Sam Tellig is way suspect with me. John
Thanks so much for the comments. I have tried a few of the new MF "A Series" products and absolutely loved some of them, but wasn't thrilled with others. Suppose I'll just have to try the A3 24 for myself, fortunatley the MF gear is very easy to resell! Thanks again.
I've had the A324 for about 3 weeks now, and I definitely prefer it over my MSB Link II, self-modded to Dan Wright's specs with Monolithic PSU and Upsampling upgrades. The A324 is much more refined and with less grain. With piano recordings, my modded Link II is "crispier" and somewhat more dynamic sounding. I've upgraded the Link's op-amps to high speed Linear Tech and changed the analog voltage regulators from 8V to 15V, which may be responsible to its more dynamic nature. But overall, the A324 is more musical and less fatiguing. Sonically, the A324 is more neutral while the Link is a little bright.