Musical Fidelity A3.2 Integrated vs. others

I'm currently using a Musical Fidelity A3.2Integrated with Magnepan 1.6 QR's..I have no problem with my system but have considered a new integrated amp...Any opinions on the Unison Unico or the Rogue Cronus tubed amps. They're similarly priced and are available with phono....Thanks for any info.
M-F uses bi-polar transistors. They produce high current but high frequencies are harsh. MOSFET's like in Creek amps are softer and tubelike but not quit as transparent or powerful. J-Fets are said to be better than both but I don't know of any commercial amp mfg's who use them.
Try Peter Daniel's integrated.
The 47 Labs Shigaraki review at used the same amp as Peter's and calls it very tubelike and is the only sand amp the tube-loving reviewer likes. In the review Srajan (?) does a direct comparison with the Unison you are asking about.
Those are some sweeping generalizations, and besides, I am not sure a chip amp is right for the 1.6 given their low efficiency.

Why are you "sidegrading" to a new integrated if there are no problems?
Your Maggies need lots of power, and need it to be stable into low ohm loads, in order to sound they way they should. Stay away from tube amps unless you are willing to go way up on your budget. If you are not too unhappy with your MF integrated, you probably should think about upgrading your source first. You didn't say what your source is, but this is always the first place to go to improve the musicality of a system.
Suits me your right. Must have missed the 1.6 when posted.