Musical Fidelity A3.2 Integrated Vs Krell KAV-300i

I am trying to put the last piece of my system together on a budget. You can find Musical Fidelity's new A3.2 integrated amp used for around $1200.00. You can also find Krell's KAV-300i used for around the same price, give or take $100 dollars. Is there anyone out there who may know the difference or has a suggestion as to what I should do? Is one amp considerably better the other? Or should I be looking at a totally different amp all together?

Thank you, for your time!!!

In this price range there are other options than these two amp, but if you want one, the musical fidelity is much better than the krell, except for the bass. The MF will give you much more sweetness, musicality and balance the the 300i can ever provide. You could also try for a used Plinius 8100/8200 for 1000-1400 used or a used Sim Moon I-5 for about 1300-1500. Both the Plinius and Sim will give you more refinement for the money than either the 300i or A3. If you like the Krell sound, the Sim will give it to you (bass) in a much more musical way. The Plinius is more towards the sound of a musical fidelity, but with more decay and body than than the any of the other amps mentioned can produce. Good Luck, if you have any question, feel free to email me, I have experience with all four of these amps.
I haven't heard the A3.2 or the Krell 300.

But, you might also check the MF A300. That is a very good integrated and more powerful (150Wpc). Or maybe spend some more and check an Arcam FMJ A32 (100Wpc). That is what I have and sounds excellent for the price. Yes, check the Plinius as well.
Also look at the Arcam A-85 if you can live with 85 watts. Sim may be too bright. They sure were for me switching from M-F to I-5 on Virgo II's (metal driver).
Krell is without a doubt the most over rated piece of audio in the history of sound! Yeah, I said it who wants a piece of me?
I agree wholeheartedly with you...I just demo'd a krell kav300r against the musical fidelity a3.2 integrated today at my local audio store. Brought in my platinum audio solo's in to listen with. We started with the krell, and I sat there scratching my head going- hmmmmm... what's all the hype about with this krell piece-o-sh**! After a while we switched to the musical fidelity, and the same pieces had so much more life and warmth to them. The krell sounded thin by comparison. So what if it plays louder than all get-out, and fills the entire room with should project good sound, not thin knife-like beams of pathetic-excuse-for-music. The musical fidelity I could live with for a long time and be content. Smooth as butter. Just my 2c worth.