Musical Fidelity A220 integrated amp

Hello everyone,

I purchased MF A220 class A solid state int amp recently and noticed it takes a 60 minutes or so to sound best, and after a few hours its sounding amazing. What's everyone else experiencing regardless of brand.

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@voodoolounge  - I do not have that amp, so no relevant experience. However, I do have a Rega Elicit-R integrated amp which sounds best after being powered up for hours. Because of this, I leave it powered-on 24X7, unless I'm going to be away from home for a while. I do listen to it daily, so being powered-on all the time is my best solution...


That's the way with effin A. You gotta pay to play.

If you can afford to leave it on, run it into a load for less parts kill heat.

My gear sounds better too after it's been on a while...there is endless repetitive debate here about whether or not this is real...Odyssey recommends I leave amp on all the time, there is no standby old Portal the same

The mid range is more focused and instrument separation clearly improves. It seems much brighter when turned on and than after an hour or two sounds warmer and relaxed. I agree that leaving it on would be best, I listen when I get the urge through out the day and evening. 

It's over 20 years old and original, so I'm worried leaving it on always will retire it sooner. 

there's no right way...,I would enjoy it to it's fullest and then get it recapped if i loved it that much...

I have a 12 year old musical fidelity integrated amp which I leave on all the time. It draws 36 watts on standby. My understanding is that the capacitors, which Are most likely to fail, are stressed the most from being turned off and on as opposed to simply being left on. I can’t say I’ve noticed any difference soundwise from when I first turn it on or when I leave it on, but that’s the story at my end. 

That's what's concerning because the A220 doesn't seem to have a standby. It's either off or on full throttle. 

I’m sorry. That’s what I meant. When it is on but no signal is being sent through it, mine drives 36 W. It’s a 150 W amp, so I’m imagining that yours draws less. At one point, I did the math and decided not to worry about the small addition to my electric bill. Honestly, it seemed about as good to do it either way.