Musical Fidelity A1008cd or Wyred + Apollo

I have an opportunity to buy a Musical Fidelity A1008cd and I'm having a hard time deciding between that and a combo of Wyred 4 Sound Dac 1 and my current Rega Apollo. In my mind the A1008cd should be better but having not heard it, I'm looking for some guidance.
A little background information for you if that hekps you help me. Maybe a few specifics will give you some assistance in matching a front end correctly to my existing system.
I have a Musical Fidelity A308 integrated, Reference 3a DeCapo i's,Cardas Cross interconnects, Blue Circle BC62 power cords and right now a Rega Apollo.
I have an eclectic taste in music. Anything from, Bruce Cockburn, Joni Mitchell, Norah Jones to Tom Petty and Stevie Ray to Hot Hot Heat, White Stripes and Jeff Buckley. I don't have big parties and turn it up to 11, but once in a while it'll get a little loud. Most of the time it's me,myself and I simply enjoying some music. Opinions please. Help me out here guys. What do you think is better. Any other suggestions?
Any decent DAC playing ripped files will outperform most CD players. My LINN Akurate DS playing 24/96 or 24/192 FLAC or WAV files will trash many CD players twice its price.
I'm not sure I want to have anything to do with ripping files, chasing down bugs, glitches, crashes that lose all my music etc. yet.
I still like the little silver discs and the big black vinyl discs. It makes me feel good to have them physically here.
I guess someday I'll have to get with the times, but for now I just want the best reproduction the little silver discs can give me within my budget.
So would the Wyred 4 Sound Dac 1 or the Sim Audio 300d for example outperform a high end cd player like the M/F A1008cd ?
I would go with a stand-alone player over a transport/DAC combo. I owned to DAC-2 from W4S, but was sending it hi-res files.
Thank you Audiofrak32. I just had it shipped. I think less muss and fuss is better for me. I can always order a DAC in a couple years when the current models are almost obsolete (or at the rate everything digital is moving at least vastly improved upon). I guess my new M/F A1008 will almost be obsolete too with all the music servers etc. and cd's going the way of the dodo.
I just think about all the deals on cd's that'll be coming. Cheap music........... yeah.
I think you are better off with just the player itself, rather than a transport, through a cable, into a DAC and out. I am sure there are transport/DAC combos that would be very good, but there is something to be said for less "pieces" of gear and less IC and power cables needed.

I buy used CDs on Amazon, rip them in and re-sell. Or borrow CDs from the library or friends as well.