Musical Fidelity a good match with Monitor Audio?

Hi All,

I'm in the market for a used integrated or pre/power combo to run with two sets of stereo speakers.

Current Amp: Marantz 2285b
Main Room: Monitor Audio Silver s10 (6 ohm)
Kitchen: Polk Rti3 (8 ohm)

This system with my DAC or Basis Audio turntable sounds great at moderate volumes, but when I play bass heavy music loudly the Marantz can't keep up with both pairs of speakers. I get distortion in the right channel MA Silver s10.

Been looking at tons of amps from Krell, Rogue Audio, NAD, Parasound, Musical Fidleity, etc. Been reading that Musical Fidelity might be a good match.

Would a Musical Fidelity A308cr Pre/Power amp be a good match? The cost of a used set ~ $3000 is over budget. Was hoping not to spend more than 2k.

Any other suggestions are welcome!
I had a Bel Canto c5i paired up to both RX6 and GX200 speakers with great results (the GX200 are 8ohms, tho). I thought the match worked so well, I decided to get the Ref500s, which is now paired with my PL200s.

Another Monitor owner on here tried the new Parasound integrated, I believe, and seemed to like that.

To me, the Bel Canto's harmonic richness helps bring out the best from the MAs...
With your MA silvers I think could mate well with the older Musical Fidelity amps like Nu-Vista, Tri-Vista and A308cr.

I Would stay away from the newer models that started around the A5, would look elsewhere for more refined highs with your MA's.