Musical Fidelity A-3.24 DAC...Is it any good?

I would appreciate any feedback on the Musical Fidelity A-3.24 DAC. I only know what I have read in reviews but have never heard one in action.

The price is right for this unit but is it worth the money?

I had been tried it with sony scd 777es and dvp 9000es it sounds inferior to both.Maybe it help.I just bought an Electrocompaniet DAC and compaired to see how good it is.
I've had one for a year and it is a marked improvement over the Cal Audio Ikon cd player that I was using. In fact, buying that unit has rekindled my interest in hi fi generally and I've upgraded my speakers and amp since then. I recently heard a Denon and a Classe Cd player on my speakers and the Musical Fidelity definitely beat the Denon and was at least as good as the Classe.