Musical Design 140i Preamp suggestions?

Any thoughts or experince with pairing a musical design 140i and a preamp? I'd like to keep the buget sub $1000 ( if possible :) i'v been leaning towards a tubed pre ( really like that tube sound ) Acoustic research ls2? i'v read good's hard for me to audition anyting due to the fact i'm so far away from any hi-fi store. Just new to this hobby..Any help would be appreactated! I'm running a pair of 602 s3's
Try pairing it with a Musical Design Tube pre-amp SP2B?
What about the Musical Design tube preamp? It is very good.

I'v been looking for a used one, but so far no luck :(
Hang in there. They come up periodically on his site.
Ok, thanks for the responses! I'll just have to hold off till one comes availible. I'm glad you guys suggested it, i would have ended up buying a different one, which probebly wouldn't have match as well


There is a Conrad Johnson PV-11 with phono here for $750. I have both the CJ and the Musical Design SP-2B. They both are great preamps for the money. The CJ has a phono and the Musical Design does not. If you purchase either unit make sure you retube them. CJ charges $150 for tubes and Musical Design charges about $100 for their newest tubes. The new tube that John Hillig at Musical Design found are simply awesome. The best $100 I've ever spent. Jim