Musical Connections

I like to follow artists, producers, engineers, etc as they wander through their careers.  How about a thread where you take the last entry and add an album that has a link?  For example, Deep Purple's "Come Taste the Band" could be followed by Billy Cobham's "Spectrum" (the connection is Tommy Bolin).  I'll start with an album and a link, and see if it gathers steam and hope that, in six steps, it doesn't lead to Kevin Bacon:

Toad the Wet Sprocket, "Bread and Circus"

Works Progress Administration "Works Progress Administration"  (link is Glenn Phillips)

Here's a GREAT book that's about what you are asking:

It's a really cool read...

It looks excellent.  Thanks mofi!
Check out ;  ''James Gang '' and '' James Gang - Bang ''  - Tommy Bolin absolutely smokes it on those two albums, discs .....downloads.  
There is a guy named Pete Frame who has a series of drawings entitled "Family Tree", which have been published in many of the UK music magazines. Each is a depiction of the "Six degrees of separation" in many musical groups and single artists, containing an incredible amount of interesting information.