Musical Concepts Mods

Does any one have any experience with the Mods for Adcom amps from Musical Concepts? I was curious if they are worth trying

I had an older version 555 mkII and a GFP-565 pre. I found the sound to be very sterile and hard edged. I sent it to musical concepts for their basic mod. I can't remember the exact cost but I think it was around $300.00. I have found the sound to be much smoother and the soundstage is much wider and deeper. I have had the unit for 6 years since the mod and have had no problems. Good luck
Some time back I had a pair of Hafler 9500's with Musical concepts mods driving my Infinity RS1b's. Very musical and smooth! I have moved up in amps since. But only a little gain for great additional expense. I would imagine that their mods for the Adcoms are as good as the Hafler mods.
I would recommend Musical Concepts highly