Musical Concepts Modifications

Has anyone here sent their CDP, DVD or DAC to John for upgrades/modifications and if so, were you happy with the results? Could you please give specifics as to the change in sound, modification package purchased, etc.. I am considering sending my DVD player in for mods. to be used as a transport thru an MSB Link Dac 3. Any information you care to share is appreciated. Thanks, Matt......
I have known John for over twenty years. His mods have always been worth the money. My first mod was to a cd player over 15 yrs ago. Way better. I presently
have his DAC with all black gate caps and other high grade parts. Excellent!!
As to what are the improvements in sound... it WILL BE BETTER...John
does a great job. Your best bet is to call him and tell him what your after.
He is able to mod specifically to your taste.
I had John do a $2500.00 mod for me and although i was satisfied, Iwish I had spent the money to purchase new equipment.
I just had my Cayin 15 and Cayin 17 upgraded by a local tech guy here in BR. He changed the opamps on both with STUNNING results.
Highly recommended on that tweak. Cost me like 100 each player.
I've read nothing bad about his mods, ever.