Musical Concepts modification of B&K pre and amp?


I have ave the Pro-MC10 and EX 442, both Sonata Series.  The are no noticeable problems, at least to me, but they must be 30+ years old.  Other than a Yamaha receiver about 15 years ago when I started playing vinyl again, these are the only amps I have experience with.  I don’t have audiophile friends, and I’m not interested in listening to the limited lineup at the only audio store (mostly home theater now) within an hour and a half.  So, I haven’t heard any other high end systems.  I really my B&Ks from Gillian Welch or Lucinda Williams to Talking Heads to Neil Young with Crazy Horse.  But you should hear the Talking Heads.  

My system - Soundsmith SMMC1 cartridge, Mofi Studiodeck on the way (both B&O RX2s have called it a day), Musical Surroundings Nova Phonomena phono preamp, the B&Ks, refurbished Ohm Walsh 4’s, 2 REL T5 subs.

So my questions are:

1) would Musical Concepts modifications address a potential failure just due to age?
2) what would I need to spend on what would be comparable new preamp and amps?  I’d love to try the PS Audio BHK pre and amp, but am certainly not willing to spend that much now or in the near future.

So, I am weighing leaving well enough alone ($0), Upgrading my sound with Musical Concepts mods ($1,000 - $1,500), or New amps of better or comparable sound (?$)

I think the Ohm Walsh speakers like the 200 watts, and the music room is about 15 feet wide and 40 feet deep.

Thanks for your thoughts,


I should add I have read all the related posts I could find on this forum, but some were 18 years ago, and I have been using my amps almost that long.  So, looking for an update .

I have a B&K pro 10-mc. The newer series. Of the sonata without the blue lines on faceplate.....

must have bought new in early mid 90’s.
Still use her. Only issue with that pro 10-mc is the sealed volume pot, it gets static a lot, as it’s sealed, and there is no replacement.
Do you know if only the volume pot is sealed?  I've been cleaning all my contacts before the new turntable is in the way, and I could not find the right size allen wrench or whatever is needed to get the knobs off.  If they are all sealed, maybe I won't continue trying.  My volume pot is silent, a tiny scratchiness at one spot on the balance control, and a slight click on the source knob selecting CD.  Mine has the blue lines on the face plate. 

If your B&K preamp/amp still sound fine and work trouble-free leave them alone! The Musical Concepts mods are a side ways move at best!
I went through a similar process about 8-9 years ago with my B&K m200 Sonata mono blocks. I ended up having them upgraded, and still love them to this day.  That said, I honestly can’t say whether I would do it again, but what I can say is it was a material improvement over the originals. 
 As for question 1: yes. You have old electrolytics that need to be replaced, and once MC upgrades the amps, they will repair them.

As for question 2: who knows? I tried to replace my amps over the years and never found one that was a winner. Those area all gone (Ayer, Conrad-Johnson, PS Audio, Musical Fidelity, Parasound), though I couldn’t bring myself to spring for anything that was a huge increase in budget, only newer, slightly more pricey stuff.

As for Musical Concepts’ work - it’s first rate. The amps sounded far better than the upgraded models. I know this because I had 6 of them at the time and could a-b them, just as I a-b’d them with replacement candidates.

So while it’s a big $ outlay, it’s going to depreciate quickly, just like a new amp. They will sound better for sure, but so will a new purchase. 
Thanks bdgregory.  Except for my cartridge, and now the turntable, I have never bought new.  Nor have I sold any thing i’ve bought to try something different.  Brand new that equals what I have seems to be a step impossible for me.  Though I did spend $28K on a 65 year old sports car.  It’s funny how I can gripe about something costing $20 dollars that used to cost 10, like my father used to do, but drop $60 eating dinner out without a thought.

maybe my amps will go another $25 years with the mod and new caps.  Or, try to replace with used when it’s time, which seems risky because I have sure been happy with these amps and no desire for something completely different 

I’m not sure the mods will recoup the costs in resale, but I don’t get the impression that that’s really a concern for you. If you’d like to keep the them, new caps are in order. If you’re going to send them out, might as well get full value of the shipping costs, and get the upgrades.
 @bdgregory ‘s M200’s are terrific amps that can be compared to much higher priced marquess without apologies. If one were savvy, one find comparable quality with a fancier name plate, but not likely find better at the same cost of updated M200’s.
You are correct.  I have no itch to buy/sell/swap gear in “the search,” though I certainly understand it.  If I had the space it would be more Triumphs, maybe an old TVR.  I’m probably leaning towards Musical Concepts if they have replacements for my big can capacitors.  I should give them a call.  Thanks

Though I am still interested in what might be comparable new so I have an idea of what that might cost.

Is Musical Concepts still around? I have a Pioneer PD 65 with level 3 MC mods (includes outboard power supply). The OEM laser died and is no longer made. They may want it for parts

How do I get in touch with them?