Musical Amp to match JMLab Electra 915

I am looking for an amp/preamp to match my Electra 915. They are 8 ohms nominal but goes down to 3.3 ohms and are 90.5dB. I would prefer tube, but I don't have enough $ to buy either CJ Premier 12, ARC VT200 or any others big tube amp. I very like the CJ sound. Is there any recommendations so that I can fully enjoy my speakers? Thanks!
both cj's premier 11a (70 wpc) and entry level mv55 (45 wpc)should sound good with your electra 915's. i used my mv55/pv10al combo to run my mezzo's until i upgraded. separately, take a listen to some of vtl and audio research's offerings. vtl has a 60 or 80 watt amp (i don't recall which, or the model number) that sounded nice (i still preferred the mv55) and audio research's classic 60 is solid too. as is their 100 watt offering. good luck.
We have two terrific amps for you the Lab 47 Gaincard (SS) and Joule Electra Vamp (tube/hybrid)- Both are integrated. Prices range from $3000-$4000.Reviews can be seen at