Musical 5-channel power amp under $600 used?

I need a power amp for my HT set up in my new home. I have a Classe SSP-30 pre/pro and would like something decent for music so as not to let the sound quality of that unit go to waste.

I was thinking of getting 3 of the Trends TA-10.2P SE power amps (hence the $600 ceiling), but am wondering if there are better options out there. I've seen some older "mid-fi" stuff like NAD, Rotel, etc. but don't know how they'd compare to the Trends. I do know that I much prefer my Trends TA-10.1 to the NAD C340/350 integrateds I've owned in the past. I am a little concerned that 10 WPC will fall flat on its face for HT, though I don't play loudly.

Speakers are all Energy: fronts RC-10, center RC-mini, rears C-100.

I would think the trends would not cut it with ht. Get a used emotiva 5-channel amp. Or a new Emotiva UPA-5 for $549. Very powerful and their stuff very well reviewed.
Thanks for the tip on Emotiva. Looks promising from what I'm reading. Not sure why the Trends wouldn't work for HT. It plays plenty loud enough for me with stereo music. But I'm definitely up for trying something like the Emotiva XPA-5 and seeing how it compares against the Trends with music. That's my highest criterion. My standards for HT are not very high (yet, heh). The room is small -- not very deep at least, maybe 15' or less -- so don't need a lot of power and don't care a lot about slam.