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I've owned my Musica Pristina flagship server for almost a year now, so I feel I understand it pretty well. After just a few hours I thought – this is extremely easy to operate. When I did have a question (two times, maybe) – a single phone call to Musica Pristina immediately resolved the problem I experienced at that time. One was related to a Cyberlink update, but they helped me out nonetheless. (OK, I’ll confess. I dropped my OPPO BluRay player, and use the server to watch BluRay concerts, too) The support is just outstanding – seven days a week. They called, on my behalf, to my DAC manufacturer to make the connection most optimal, provided me with a list of cables (I use a USB connection) most synergistic with their server, etc.

Music: The thing I noticed first of was a glorious sense of space and effortlessness to the presentation. The palette of colors was there, but so was a sense of almost limitless power and dynamic range. The recent re-release of the of hi-rez (24/192) Bartok Orchestra, Mussorgsky’s Pictures of Exhibition and few other “RCA Living Presence” recordings were deep and tuneful, while at the same time delicate and airy in the strings section. Allison Kraus's "Ghost in This House" was scary in its immediacy. Details a plenty, in spades, but not analytical. It’s got a relaxed warmth, an ease that encourages listening to the music, and not the equipment. In fact, you really can't listen to the server it impresses so little of itself on the music. I can compare its sonic signature with the best analog front ends I’ve ever auditioned.

Microdynamics is another area where this Musica Pristina server excels. The music really swings, with finer graduations between changes in volume more clearly delineating and communicating how a musician 'finesses' the notes. The music has far more of a human quality. On Cirrus's Land’s End album on Opus 3 the sax is truly seductive. On Diane Krall, the piano more percussive, the bass warm and sensuous.

My long lasting impressions are that the macro dynamic range is simply spectacular - makes other digital (and many, many analog) front ends I've heard sound anemic. Sounds pop out of a velvet black background and then explode into the mix. It's so addicting! There is tremendous speed across the entire spectrum, yet it manages to sound relaxed and natural . On the other end of spectrum the human voices sound intimate and seductive.

In conclusion, I cannot recommend both music server and the company (you buy both!) highly enough. Not only do I immensely enjoy the music now, I am confident that as their R&D progresses… so will my server!

- Mike F.
Hi Mike,

My Musica Pristina server is about 6 months old and truth to be told - every day it sounds better and better. Difficult to believe... The sound quality is way better using server rather my Esoteric K-1 SACD/CD Transport. I agree with you in particular with "sense of almost limitless power and dynamic range ". I would add that sound stage is miles wide and miles deep! Along with its extraordinary dynamic range, as you noted, - I feel sometimes that I am in concert hall (6-8th raw) during alive performance

I need to compare this server to my analog stage in "A/B" fashion and sooner or later I will do it. Meanwhile, I can say that from all my sources my favorite is Musica Pristina server