Music your wife will listen to and leave you alone

Any suggestions. Mine usually screams over whatever I have on. Maybe I need new amps
Traditional Chinese Opera - on really bad vinyl.
Though it's more that I'm leaving her alone under such circumstances.
Perhaps you can purchase the complete ABBA library. Girls usually like this stuff. This will work as long as you either have two systems or ear muffs! Good luck.
Starless and Bible Black by King Crimson loud should do the trick.
"You're wanted by the police, and my wife thinks you're dead." --Junior Brown.

Go on, she'll love ya for it!
Anything by Diamanda Galas and everyone will leave you alone.
I've got a few albums CDs and records that my wife won't live me alone...
My wife will sit and listen to Bob James, and Al Jerreau (I know that's spelled wrong), but once she came and sat down next to me while I was playing a Keith Green LP. Afterwards she said it sounded better upstairs, she was right, the LP is pretty beat, but she did come down and listen...
About 15 to 30 seconds of Primus will send my wife away pronto.
Maybe you need a new wife.
You don't say what YOU like to listen to, but here's a few suggestions that don't drive me crazy if I play them when my wife is around:

Any of the Mark Knopfler soundtracks, "Cal", "Local Hero", "The Princess Bride", etc.
Any album by Sting that has "Englishman In New York" on it. :-)
The Clannad albums "Magical Ring" and "Legend"
Dave Grusin's "Cinemagic" - a great album!
Mark Knopfler/Chet Atkins "Neck & Neck"
Knopfler & The Notting Hillbillies "Missing, Presumed Having A Good Time"
Any of the three Linda Ronstadt albums with Nelson Riddle - "Lush Life" What's New" or "For Sentimental Reasons"
Any of the "MTV Unplugged" albums by Eric Clapton, Paul McCartney, Neil Young, Sting, or Paul Simon
Rani Arbo & Daisey Mahem "Cocktail Swing"
Eddie From Ohio "Quick"
Jackson Browne "Solo Acoustic-vol. 1"
Bruce Cockburn "Speechless"

Also, a suggestion. If you are an older gent, and have tone controls in your system, and have the treble turned up - turn it down to flat. Women retain their high-frequency hearing much longer than men, and a too bright system may be making her ears bleed, while it sounds fine to you. That's a common problem area with men & women & hi-fi systems.

I hope some of thsi helps,
Viridian, you're right but it was either child support or new speakers.
>>New Wife??__ Got a site that takes paypal and 30-day exchange plan??