Music you would like to turn someone on to.

I will have to ad a few that I think some people might enjoy.
1) Elf. From my home town and not too hard to find. Features Roni Dio
2) Good Rats
3) Flaming lips.
These are rock/pop material.
Certainly worth a try.
Anyone else offer some unique bands?
My list is too big:
Fish for Fish,
The Legendary Pink Dots,
The Residents,
Pere Ubu,
Golden Palominos,
Lounge Lizards,
African Force,
Art Ensemble of Chicago,
Neoteric Orchestra,
Big trouble...

And here i thought i was probably the only "pink dots" fan on audiogon. great music. Seen em twice, wonderful live show., I have around 7-8 of thier 100 billion albums. (grin)

Ill throw these out....

Tear garden
Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds
Massive Attack
Twilight Circus
Mad Season
This may be a no-brainer, but I've really enjoyed exposing folks to Eva Cassidy. In my group she's not well known, if at all, but some to recall "Fields of Gold" from the Olympic's. Numerous of them have gone out and bought her recordings. Makes me feel good to know that I have improved their day. For those of you who have missed her, you shouldn't hesitate any longer.
The Chills (Heavenly pop from New Zealand)
American Music Club (Brooding, just reunited after 10 yrs)
Modest Mouse (Quirky pop, awesome production)
Death Cab for Cutie (Pop with stellar hooks & ambience)
Built to Spill (Neil Young meets Buffalo Tom)
Eric Matthews (Burt Bacharach-type; Brilliant composer)
Mark Lanegan (Intense folk)
Screaming Trees (Lanegan's former hard rock quartet)
Virginia Rodriguez (Brazilian voice of an angel)
Salif Keita (Malian master of beat & groove)
Hey Slappy, I am a big Oribtal, Massive Attack and Underworld fan- I am shocked there is another fan here!

Scottht- While I like the Flaming lips a lot and am looking forward to there new release, its a very acquired taste. I have shared there music with a few friends and always get the same weird looks!

For me I enjoy sharing new music with people in general but a few favorites:
Thomas Dolby- You've gotta look beyond "she blinded me with science"
Eva Cassidy
Rosanne Cash
Jennifer Warnes- she never let's anyone down :)
Michael Bublé
Arvo Pärt
Greg Brown

To quickly name a few.
My list is such big that I even forgot about:
Nina Hagen,
Fredy Studder,
Diamanda Galas,
Pekka Pohjola,
Charlie Mariano,
Evan Parker,
Jah Wobble,
Hugh Hopper,
Alan Gowan,
Lonnie Plaxico,
Anthony Braxton,
Daniel Binelli,
NYJG(New York Jazz Guerilla),
Pierre Moerlen,
Guesch Patti,
Hektor Zazou,
Molvaer Nills Petter...
SideWinders (aka Sand Rubies) - power pop band from Arizona
Racheal Yamagata - Lotta talent here!
Freedy Johnston - Great songwriter and guitarist!
Kim Richey - Makes Cheryl Crow seem like an amateur!
The Mavericks

All IMHO of course!

Maybe we oughtta keep it on the d/l before they ban us for listening to electronic music. (laugh) One of these days im gonaa track down another copy of Snivilization. That one is pretty hard to find if you have objections about buying over the net.
Bands you would have to search for:

Freak Kitchen: INCREDIBLE band from Sweden. Start with the album MOVE, then move on to any of the other 5 or so. There is a new one to be released in October, I think.

Artrosis: Rock/metal from Poland with haunting female vocals. Check out 'In the flowers' shade' for songs in English. Most of the rest are in Polish.

Passenger: Helmet meets Depeche Mode (wish I could remember who said that first), from Sweden. Very good metal with a taste of electronica.

In Flames: Side project of Passenger frontman, much harder.

Superfix: Awesome but now defunct, from L.A. via Sweden

Thyrane: Great metal band from Finland

Holly McNarland: Very talented female vocalist from Canada, check out the song 'Do you get high?'. It has nothing to do with what you might think.

Waiting for you at your local record store:

Him:, lovemetal, from UK, many to choose from

Lacuna Coil: where Evanescence learned alot of their tricks, from Italy. 'Comalies' is easiest to find.

The Cruxshadows: Similar to Sisters of Mercy, but never tell them I said that. From Florida. Many to choose from but my favorite is 'Telemetry of a fallen angel'.

Nightwish: Metal band from Finland with a classically trained female opera singer in the lead. Many discs out...all good.

OK, I'm a freak...I know. Hope someone gets some fun out of that.
The Asylum Street Spankers. Easily the best band any of you have never heard of, try No affiliation, just a big fan.
A few of my lesser known favorites:

Universe Zero
James Chance (and the Contortionists)
Michael Hurley
Fracois Hardy
Serge Gainsbourg (at least not well known in the states)
Paris Combo
Apples in Stereo
Glenn Branca
Os Mutantes
Motor Totemist Guild
Half Japanese
Roky Erickson (solo post 13th floor)
Panther Burns
Amps for Christ (don't let the name fool you- very unusual)
Kahimi Kari

Mostly eclectic pop/ experimental
Creeper Lagoon
The Mustard Seeds
Burning Water
Allan Holdsworth
The Thorns
Jing Chi
Black Rebel Motorcycle Club
Dave Douglas
Tomas Stanko
Dream Theater-The GODS of Musicians!!
suddenly i don't feel like i don't belong here. Built to Spill? good news for people who like bad news is what i say...

Stan Ridgway and Chris Whitley are 2 of my favorites that are not greatly known in the mainstream. Alot of other stuff which I like,but not all of their music.

Hey MARAKANETZ...just looking at your list of artists, you GOTTA' be a guitar??

my one contribution, ABECEDARIANS!!!

gone but not forgotten.
The Bodeans
The Subdudes
Compilations (search various) and other bands (LYCIA, MIRA, etc...)on the PROJEKT label:

Same as above from the CLEOPATRA label:


1. Eddie From Ohio (Virginia soul music, great lyrics. great music - I LOVE these guys)

2. Michael Tomlinson (smoothest voice I have ever heard - GREAT folk music and acoustic guitar). Phil Roy, another great folk/rock guy with great deep lyrics.

3. Tower of Power (yes, they have been around for 36 years and are my all time favorite band - but still not enough people appreciate them - best soul/funk band ever with the tightest horn section ever)

4. If you like female jazz vocals, then try Renee Marie, Jackie Allen, Carla Cook or Tierney Sutton. For male jazz vocals try Philip Manuel (for this matter, check out all the artists on the MaxxJazz label)

5. Keller Williams and his former band The String Cheese Incident

6. Bela Fleck and Victor Wooten (you should just throw RAW MEAT at this guy he is such a MONSTER bass player)

7. If you like jazz trumpet (as I saw one of you does) try Tim Hagans, Chuck Findley or Wayne Bergeron

8. If you like Crosby Still & Nash - try David Crosby's most recent group CPR (Crosby, Pevar and Raymond -- one of which is his son).

9. Jamie Cullum. This kid is a 22-23 year old piano playing rocker who just put out an album of Frank Sinatra/Harry Connick meets alternative type of music. He does some Cole Porter tunes, a Hendrix tune some of his own and one by Radiohead and does them all well IMHO. His version of "I get a Kick Out of You" is a blast. Cool smooth voice and delivery and fun, catchy, feet tappin piano work (even if not a giant of jazz yet). Fun stuff.
Some interesting (surprised to see here) responses. Some of mine are the same and some more mainstream than others:

Patrick O'Hearn
Brian Eno
Harold Budd
Miles Davis
Talk Talk
Arvo Part
Steve Roach
Positively Dark
Richard Burmer
Aphex Twin
Michael Brook
John Serrie
Dino Pacifici
Jeff Pearce
Peter Gabriel
Tone Ghost Ether
Ronnie Earl

I always love these kind of threads because I learn of all these neat artists I wouldn't have otherwise discovered.

I'll add a few:

Oscuro featuring Steve Denny
Magic Box featuring Tom Maxwell
Robby Longley
Stellamara, Beth Quist and all the great artists at
Ana Caram
Upon todays' first listen...just released, Bill Frisell, "Unspeakable", his twist on early 70's soul ala Superfly via his incredible guitar & ensemble.
I like the Dropkick Murphys. Yep, Irish rockers from Boston. I'm 47 and I can admit my teenagers turned me onto them..LOL
My teenager turned me onto "Bowling for Soup"
Pretty hip stuff
Here are two very different suggestions:
1. Up, Bustle and Out (a trip-hop group)
2. Tom Russell (folk-rock)"Borderland" is one of my all-time favorites.
Weather Report/Zawinal I cannot stop listening. So complex and simple at the same time! Really beautiful music.

BTW Marakanetz, I am a big Can fan, especially Tago Mago!

Would anyone with a big list care to list their favorite 2 or 3? I can not afford everything here :)
Bottle Rockets - "24 Hours a day"
The Good Rats played at my HS prom in NY. I found their records in Sedona, AZ. Great stuff!
Also need to listen to, Mapleshade (Wildchild label) Big Joe Maher: MOJO
Wow, what a recording. If you like R&B, this is a must listen.
Currently in the Rock/Pop Genre its The Shins. Chutes Too Narrow is a great CD. Smart lyrics and very easy to listen to.
Basic Channel: BCD

Burial Mix: Rhythm & Sound

Chain Reaction:

Matrix-Various Films
Fluxion-Vibrant Forms
Fluxion-Vibrant Forms II
Monolake-Hong Kong
Vainqueur- Elevation Porter Ricks-Biokinetics

Maurizio: MCD

Rhythm & Sound: CD

Round One to Round Five: 1993-1999

Mojave 3-Ask Me Tommorow

His Name is Alive-Livonia
Secret Machines, Kings Of Covenience
Like a cross between Tom Waits, Leonard Cohen, and Dylan in terms of quality lyrics and, ummm, unconventional voice...he's frikkin' amazing

Yes, THE Carla Bruni, the French model, escort to the stars, now turned chanteuse. What a great writer and singer. Kind of breathy voice, in a sense, and very much like a latter day Edith Piaf.