Music you llisten to in your car, but rarely play on your rig at home

For example: Ride Like The Wind by Christopher Cross and most Gordon Lightfoot....( I threw out the Raffi and Sharon, Lois and Bram cassettes when my youngest turned three, ritualistically sprayed them with charcoal lighter and burned them with glee at midnight one debauched evening in the very early eighties ) Love the first two artists mentioned in the car as it always reminds me of taking my then little girls up north in Michigan every summer many many moons ago.... and lots of very loud rock I still love, but rarely crank it up loud at home anymore.


Stuff like AC/DC and Weezer, great driving music. Pedal to the metal, baby!

Almost any seriously hard rock , I rarely grab heavy "metal" stuff when i think of spinning  vinyl. I still certainly rock out though .. 
60's stuff in car only, rarely at home
great question, I have often wondered about this...
Eddie Money, She Was Shakin
Ned's Atomic Dustbin. Horrible recordings, fun music.......
Rock n roll

jazz, blues, folk, vocal, etc dominate the (limited) time I spend in front of my big rig.  Everywhere else (including Sonos, my car, etc), I get my fix of rock n roll.

Dave Edmunds: Get it; Tracks on Wax 4; etc.

The Flamin' Groovies: Shake Some Action

The Kinks: the early albums

Rockabilly like The Johnny Burnette Rock 'n Roll Trio

Surf music like The Ventures and Dick Dale

The Ramones: the first four albums

Any car music sounds good, the articulate, revealing nature of most good home stereos makes home listening sound like sh*t compared to car stereo

metal in car, metal at home

some 60's stuff, Dylan, Donovan, j airplane, wishbone ash, humble pie etc etc
The Beatles; Rubber Soul.
Maceo parker; Mo' Roots
A HUGE box of Furtwangler is safely anchored behind my drivers seat, it keeps me sane in LA traffic. Being Mono, these CDs sound sooo much better thru Saab stereo than my usual "driving buddies" of Flaming Lips, Radiohead, Deep Purple, Assemblage 23, Therion,...  On my big-rig the sound is totally disappointing though
the only drawback is that all my speeding tickets are from listening to Furtwanglers Beethoven :-(  Should I sue? They must have put a label "do not listen and drive" on Beethoven CDs! ;-)