Music you found on Tidal

I am investigating Tidal and have earmarked my normal stuff and also a bunch of remastered stuff.  I was really blown away by a Phil Collins remaster I listened to.

What have you guys found?
I did an A/B test last weekend with a CD and Tidal.  Started both at the same time and switched back and forth.  Tidal was slightly clearer and more open.  As for their selection, I'm surprised at what is missing (Bob Seger) and also at what I found.  Some things I thought "no way" but it was there.  I would take inventory of what you have on CD and spend a few hours just searching Tidal.  It will only get better as time goes on.
Thanks Treebeard1.  Whoa Bob Seger is a big omission.  I am in the 30 day trial so I am really playing with it.  So far It seems worth the $20 to me.
@portlandlay I'm really enjoying it. Much more music available to me now. I'm sure the Bob Seger thing is due to contractual issues between Seger and Tidal. Would be interested to know if he's in Spotify. 
Couldn't agree more with treebeard1.  I simultaneously A/B'ed my CDs of Natalie Merchant's "Tigerlily" and the Parton/Ronstandt/Harris "Trio".  (Those were the only ones of their "Masters"  [=MQA] series that I happen to own.)  Bigger soundstage, more depth, clarity and presence, cymbals had more ching, drums more bop, and the tracks even sound like more instruments have been added.  Just wish everything Tidal has will be MQA'ed.  (Dreaming's still free, right?)
I have struggled to get my USB/IPOD connection working in my car  with my iPhone.  I have been streaming bluetooth.

Today I did a A/B comparison with the same track between Tidal (offline content) and pandora streaming at the highest quality.

There was simply no comparison.  Even in these poor conditions Tidal was a standout. 

Delbert McClinton's latest, Norah Jones and Billie Joe Armstrong - Foreverly, Karl Seglem - Nordic Balm, some of Dion's recent stuff.

It's great to be able to hear unfamiliar music without having to lay out $10 to $15.

On the other hand, I listened to Aerosmith - Draw the Line today in the car and it sounded like it was recorded with one of those USB TT using a well worn album.  It was so bad I turned it off and settled for silence.
I did a search for Jeff Porcaro, drummer for Toto. Came up with David Benoit, "Shadows." Very nice stuff!
I don't think Seger streams anywhere but I could be wrong. He was one of the last iTunes holdouts. I love Tidal but it drops out so often that I might get rid of it.

Bubba: the drop outs are most likely a connectivity issue. I listen at home every day and it is not ever  an issue at my house. I also did a comparison and tidal digital out from a blue sound to my McIntosh C50 dac in my opinion does sound better than CD. It is also  a heck of a lot easier to find music than hunting through a mass of cds.  Guess I am one of the lazy ones who values convenience and for that reason does not play vinyl ( I was a club DJ in the 80's so I played my share). Tidal has opened up a whole new world of music for me.
As for music:
Moderat...Moderat Live

Not terribly well know but definitely worth a listen