Music trivia anyone?

First one to post the correct answer gets the positive votes.No negative votes allowed for the wrong answer. Anyone else with a music trivia question go ahead and ask.
QUESTION: Who is the walrus?
I am the walrus... goo goo ga joob! (Paul)
Excellent Jtinn! Was that too easy? Anyone else?
Most people think John meant the "walrus" to refer to Paul
in the song "I am the walrus" from MMT.

BTW >>>It is also interesting to note that every complete stereo release of I am the Walrus reverts to a strange stereo mix - no treble on the left, and no bass on the right - beginning where John sings "Sitting in an English garden." The backstory: John recorded the radio clips "live" off-the-air, directly onto the monaural master recording. From that point, all stereo mixes essentially had to revert to mono midway through the song, in order to include the now-famous speech clips during the song's fade-out. <<<
Hmmm, I always thought it was Chumly. Zookeeper was??
Hey come on,dont make me ask all the questions.Kelly,stop being a smart ass! :>)
QUESTION: What is the significants of the song "Buried Alive In The Blues"?
ok, let's get more than one going at once. this one slightly tougher than david's first: why did harry nilsson sell his flat in london and to whom did he sell it?

BTW, david, a tiger can't change his spots. ;~)
I always though the walrus was William Howard Taft. Now why would that be?
QUESTION: What Dutch band did soloist Laura Fygi sing in?
I don't know why or to whom, but i have two guesses. John Lennon or keith Moon. ???? Why? Alcahol rehab? Or he had to leave the country? These are total guesses.
Another Question. What Hollywood actor played drums for Leon Russell at one time?
bbloom: no, but you're in the vicinity of one of the answers. -kelly
tubegroover: think you're a little confused. william howard taft was the eggman. -kelly
The Walrus is pro golfer Craig Statler
sugarbrie: could be wrong here, but didn't that walrus get et by the shark?
Enough walrus jokes,this is serious! :>)
Ahem, Cornfedboy, tigers have stripes. Leopards have spots.
Cornfedboy, Next guess, from your clue, Pete Townsend. I read somewhere that Keith Moon, John Lennon and Harry Nilsson once had a bet about who would die first. No winners on that bet. Three losses. I confess, a friend just told me that Keith Moon died at Nilsson's flat.
This one is really obscure, who are the children seen posing on Led Zeppelins, "Houses of the Holy"?

Another Beatles one, what (then) rare automobile was purchased by John and Yoko, shortly after their arrival in NYC?
1. There are many theories and for the sake of mystery Lennon denied all of them. I agree most with the theory that the Walrus was the Walrus from Carroll's 'The Walrus and the Carpenter'.

2. One of the children HOTH was supposedly Samantha Fox.

3. I know the Lennon's bought a Diesel Mercedes Benz Station Wagon while in NYC. Because of all the strange noises it made, Yoko didn't care much for it (like she should talk)(?)

Trivia Questions:
1. In 1973, a dissatisfied bar owner put a bullet through this performer's amplifier ?

2. What was the name of the first choice actor for the part of John Lennon in 'Imagine' ?

3.What kind of guitar did Jimmy Page play on Led Zepplin I ?

4. What kind of amplifier did Clapton record 'Layla' with ?
(hint: it was not a Marshall Stack)
John_l, very good! Not sure if you are correct but you get my vote.
"The time has come," the walrus said, "To speak of many things... of (something and something and something), and sealing wax, and Kings."
estrand: "....of shoes--and ships--and sealing wax---of cabbages and kings--and why the sea was boiling hot--and whether pigs have wings." chas. lutwidge dodgson (lewis carroll), "the walrus and the carpenter."
waynev: you're right, of course. meant leopard. thank you. -kelly
And of course there is the one we all remember if we don't remember the 60s....Who was Jacky Paper and where did he really go? Why was'nt Puff enough?
Jimmy Page played a 1958 telecaster on Led Zeppelin I. For MOST of Layla, Clapton cranked up a tiny Fender Champ to the point of distortion.
John, correct on the Mercedes, but the children on HOTH are Robert Plants. I agree with Undertaker4 on the Telecaster on Zeppelin 1.
Question: What's the first thing you know?
I'm sure the Walrus was originally from some other source, but on "Glass Onion" John does sing the lyrics, "I've got another clue for you all...the walrus was Paul".
BTW Gary Busey played drums for Leon Russell.
The Telecaster on Led Zep 1 is correct. Interesting because people always associate him with a Les Paul. The guitar does sound like a Les Paul on that album.

I have heard that they were Plants kids, but I've also heard that's an 'untrue' rumor. Hard to know what to believe.

I had read that the amp Clapton used for that track was a Pignose amp (little batter powered guy). Clapton walked into the studio & put it on a folding chair as his setup. Some of these 'rock and roll facts' are a little hard to verify.
1. Who did the soundtrack for the movie "Streets of Fire"?, and also played on the soundtrack?

2. Who played "Feelin'Bad Blues" from the movie "Crossroads"?
I didn't think Clapton played with a Pignose until the 461 Ocean Boulevard album (listen to Motherless Children, as a great example of a Pignose).
It's a little "drier" sounding to me than a Champ, which has a strong "tube" distortion. Of course, I could be wrong.

BTW, Page of course picked up the les paul in the studio on II and III, but didn't necessarily always record with it after that (much of Presence was with a Strat, for example).

Interesting fact: don't know who the children were on Houses of the Holy, but there were actually only 2 them photographed several times!
......that should read IN the movie "Crossroads"
Oh man, Garfish, isn't that one of the greats, Ry Cooder? Speaking of a Pignose! I love that sound on the Crossroads soundtrack.
Right on Undertaker4-- and fast. How about "Streets of Fire"? Craig
Only thing I remember about that was the song "I can Dream About You", with Dan Hartman, off that soundtrack.
Albert I think I know the answer to one of your questions: I am pretty sure John and Yoko bought a Packard, the only reason I know this is because the car comes to my shop. I have not seen it since last summer so I could be wrong I don't remember. But I do know it is silver/grey to tone I actually so John Lennon's name on the original registration. The guy that ownes it is filthy rich and has a whole personal car muesum full of rare and famous cars, it is a shame because only a hand full of people actually get to appreciate them. I will try to get a hold of him in the next few days and find out for sure and get the rest of the info from him, year, make, mileage(now), and I can even get the VIN.
"Layla" sound like a Princeton Reverb to me.
ok, times up. bbloom came closest to the answers but not quite. here's the story:

by the late 60's/early 70's harry nilsson was recording and performing frequently in the uk. it, thus, made sense to him to buy a flat in london as a "home away...". since harry wasn't a full-time resident of the uk, he frequently loaned his flat (on curzon place in mayfair) to friends. one friend, mama cass eliott, died in his bed in 1974. four years later another good friend, kieth moon, died in the same flat, on the same bed. harry, understandably, wasn't keen on keeping his place, let alone trying to find rest in the seemingly fatal bedroom. fortunately, he was able to unload the curzon place flat, selling it to yet another friend of his, kieth and mama cass, pete towshend.

interesting "small world" story, eh. -kelly
Just so you audiophiles know,Im keeping score and voting for the winners.This voting has to be good for something!
Kelly,you are at negative 821 for the wise cracks! :>)
QUESTION: what were they called before they became known as BLUE OYSTER CULT?
Here's one: What was the original name for the song that later become the Beatles' "Yesterday"?
FYI; Ry Cooder did the soundtrack for the somewhat obscure movie "Streets of Fire", a rock and roll fable. Undertaker4 was on the right track. This movie starred Michael Pare', William Dafoe, and Amy Madigan. BTW, Amy Madigan also sang a great song on "Cross Roads".

The actual soundtrack of the movie is teriffic, and Ry Cooder also played background guitar throughout. The CD soundtrack did not capture Ry Cooders music though. If you can find it the movie its great-- may be sort of sophomoric-- but I loved it so much that I recorded the whole movie from VHS tape to CD and often listen to it on my big rig. You'd be amazed at what new "sounds" you pick up when not distracted by the video. David, as no one seems to have gotten this question, do I get the votes? :>) Cheers. Craig
david: just guessing here, but was it purplish clam congregation?
Thanks David-- fun thread.

1. Enya's sister is lead singer for the group Clannad. What is her name?
Answer to the question: What is the significance of the song "Buried Alive In The Blues" This song is on the album "Pearl" The unfinished "Buried Alive In The Blues"features no Joplin vocals.She was scheduled to record them on the day after she was found dead.
Kelly,you are at a BIG negative 825 now!!
Enya's sister, I don't know the spelling, Mairee Brennan? And another question, an easy one. Who is the "Angelo Mysterioso" that played with Cream? Spelling again?
Here's one that I think that I may have mentioned on a past thread. What album did George Harrison produce and play guitar on for which there was no official (and legal) credit(s) given? I suspect that he wrote all of the material as well.
Dekay-was it a Badfinger album?