music to wake up vandy 5a subs

hi guys
i would appreciate some music rock,classical,jazz to wake up the subs on my vandy 5a`s
thanks al
David Bowie Little Wonder should do it if not Elton John Funeral for a Friend. If these two dont wake up your Woofers they may be DOA.

I wonder what music Sir Elton had at his wedding?
The Cream "Wheels of Fire" for rock, Ray Brown "Solar" for jazz, "Swan Lake" or "Espana" for classical. I'm sure there are even better but, these came to my mind first.
Pole 1 and 2, this will definitely wake those subs up. Also Pat Metheny, The Way Up.
peter gabriels up,pat methanys imaginary day...many more!
Once Upon A Time in America soundtrack by Enio Morricone.
It has slow string bass that will definitely wake up your Vands.
Put on "Last Chance to Dance Trance (Perhaps)" ... Best Of (1991-1996) by Medeski Martin and Wood. Guaranteed to woof-up the house ... and neighborhood!
I use this disc anytime I setup a sub...not the type of music you asked for but worth owning even if only for it's deep bass as a test cd, although I do like the music on this cd because it's fun!

(Archetype: original pattern or model; a (collective) unconscious pattern of thought. Tribe: group, family, community. Archetribe: an instrumental project that blends numerous universal world-beat/ambient elements to produce an accessible fusion of sounds & influences)

Pick it up here if you want:

I'm afraid this is not a truly practical recommendation, because it's hard to find, but for the desirable combination of speed and bass energy I like to use "Le temps passé" from Michel Jonasz' "La Fabuleuse Histoire de Mister Swing" (WEA). This track gives you a chance to check rhythm with the lows while there's not much else going on.

For the really low bass, of course, no bass guitar track is adequate. I think you have to go with organ music for that, perhaps the Saint-Saens organ symphony.
peter gabriels up,pat methanys imaginary day,couple to consider.
Get the Burmester, Audiosysteme Vorfuhrungs-CD III. Cut 10 is "Poem of Chinese Drums", by Yim Hok-Man. This very unusual 10 min. piece features multiple large drums playing in unison. The strikes are so sudden, and the impact so high, it is startling. Your entire room will shake. Then the drums echo back into stillness, while you hear them continue to reverberate. I have never heard any sub capable of responding as fast and sounding so real as the V5A on this piece.
Mulgrew Miller Live at Yoshi's Vol.2
Digsmithd OK so now you got my attention having had a go at it twice. IMHO Gabriel's "Up" sucks wind next to his other releases for both composition and sonics. I agree with you about ID by Pat and the boys.
Alpass, Stanley Clarke's East River Drive has got alot of not only deep, but dynamic bass content, and is a superlative example of what a killer bass player he truly is. I hope this helps.
thank you guys,please keep them coming
Try the Bela Fleck song "Flight of the Cosmic Hippo' from the album by the same name.

That song makes me break out in a grin every time. It is should do the trick to get the furniture and windowpanes shakin and vibratin.

Let us know. . .
Check out the thread here on organ recordings with really deep bass. Nothing has deeper bass than a large pipe organ: a 16-foot pedal pipe produces a fundamental of 32 Hz, and a 32-foot pedal pipe produces a fundamental of 16 Hz. These babies are difficult to record, but fortunately there are some recordings that capture this prodigious bottom end and will truly shake your floor and rattle your windows.
Tool "Lateralus"

The thinking man's rock. Highly recommended.
belas cosmic hippos a must to to wake up anything,good choice!eberhard webers death in the carwash(track two).
Maybe not your style but the last cds from Yello should do the job. Look for "The Eye" and "Motion Picture". Pristine production, fabulous sound. If you got a good rig, you won't stop cranking the volume. Kind of addictive.
The last two NIN (Nine Inch Nails) albums are very well recorded and have more than enough guttural growl to make the Vandy's sing.