Music to 'Toyota Venza' Advert on the TV.

Hi guys,
Is the rather nifty snippet of music, albeit only 30 seconds long from the Toyota Venza advert a known song?, by a known band? I would love to get that piece of music.
Anyone know the tune or group?
Many thanks!
Its funny, I Googled that ad and found it on Youtube. All the comments are by people trying to figure out the song and ironically, no one is commenting on the car.
The music for both commercials is here:

Upper right hand corner.

I'm assuming that someone was just paid to do the advert but if anyone wants some tunes like this you should check out what the Chemical Brothers were doing from the mid 90s 'til 2000 or so.
Thanks David for the link and the free download courtesy of the Toyota site.
The Chemical Brothers are excellent.
I too am not bothered about the car,lol.
The other track 'brighter day' is also very good.