Music to die to

What would you like to hear as the last piece of music while passing away? Here are my choices depending on mood and time available:1.Bitches Brew and Miles Runs The Voodoo Down from 'Bitches Brew'2.Reincarnation and Mila Repa from Que Alegria by John McLaughlin Trio 3.Earth Ship,'Visions Of The Emerald Beyond' by Mahavishnu Orchestra 4.A few songs by El Camaron/Paco De Lucia duo. 5.Total silence.
Come on, people.
Something that would put me to sleep.
I mis-spelled the group "Tuatara". They have an album with a cut titled "Orpheus Must Die". I strongly beg to differ. The name of the CD is "East of the Sun". I will give it a listen.
Well, as I have a trashed heart and need a transplant, I've actually given this some serious thought. My choice will be 'Master and Margherita' by Ennio Morricone. Can't imagine a more beautiful piece of music to fade into nothingness to. :-)
Not into nothingness - into another plane of existence. We are in essence immortal. The proof? Delve into your unconscious and you will know.
I'll add one more to my original list, if I'm still around--Morten Lauridsen's Lux Aeterna.