Music to die to

What would you like to hear as the last piece of music while passing away? Here are my choices depending on mood and time available:1.Bitches Brew and Miles Runs The Voodoo Down from 'Bitches Brew'2.Reincarnation and Mila Repa from Que Alegria by John McLaughlin Trio 3.Earth Ship,'Visions Of The Emerald Beyond' by Mahavishnu Orchestra 4.A few songs by El Camaron/Paco De Lucia duo. 5.Total silence.
Come on, people.
I could come up with some Cowboy Junkies music for this sort of task, but as of right now, I'd "go" with either Melissa Etheridge' "Precious Pain" or Silent Legacy"-- so I'm immature-- I intend to die immature. Another possibility would be a slide guitar tune from the movie "Crossroads", and played (I believe) by Ry Cooder. Cheers? Craig
The final movement of the Brahms German Requiem, the Durufle Requiem or the Faure Requiem. Might as well get in a peaceful mood.
"there's no way out of here" ... by David Gilmore's . solo album named david gilmore ...guitarist of pink flyod
and magical mystery tour --the Beatles
Hand me one last "brew" and let me ( or at least try to ) sing along with the Pogue's. One of their tunes "The Sick Bed of Cuchulainn" comes to mind. If you know the lyric's, you'll understand why... Sean
Supertramp Crime of the Century (The actors and jesters are here, the stage is in darkness and clear, for raising the curtain, but no one's quite certain who's play it is...)
"The End" The Doors, "Funeral for a Friend" Elton John
The soundtrack to Forrest Gump and if there is still a few moments - Norman Greebaum's Spirit in the Sky.
Depending on the kind of life you've led, how about either "Stairway to Heaven" or "Highway To Hell"? :o)
Spike Jones' "My old flame", or anything else of his, for that matter, so I can speed up the process by laughing my head off. But "my old flame" would be most apt, because some of the ladies, listening to the lyrics and the imitation of Peter Lorre's voice around my deathbed would be even more glad to see me go, so that they can switch the system off. Cheers to all,
Roger Waters "Amused to Death" (at least sides 3 and 4)
At the end, when the crickets are chirping, shut off the machine......
In a bit of a morbid mood are we? Gosh, I had a tough enough time picking wedding music! My deathbed music would be chosen more from the time of life I'd like to remember rather than from the music itself. I reserve the right to change my mind as life goes on, but I'd pick something from the Moody Blues or Pink Floyd (especially Wish You Were Here -- maybe "Shine on You Crazy Diamond"). That was a time in my life when I was coming into my own and shedding adolescence for adulthood -- call it transition music.
How can you die to a pop music? I'm joking, but for real if you can get Jeff Berlin "Pump It" you'll know that there is part of truth in that joke. I also recommend Don "Sugar Cane" Harris "Got the Blues". He's got a blend of Jimi Hendrix and Ornette Coleman in one man playing his violin. Also I would recommend surfing through the ars of Terje Ripdal and Pekka Pohjola -- you will enjoy every album you acquire.
The last four minutes of Gotterdammerung.

Ernest Bullock: Give Us the Wings of Faith

Arvo Part: De Profundis

Piaf: La Vie en Rose

William Harris: Most Glorious Lord of Life

Willie Nelson: You Were Always On My Mind

And, of course, at the moment of death, Solti/Chicago proclaiming the Entry of the Gods into Valhalla.
Oh megosh, this thread is an analyst's dream! Please keep it coming. Thankyou INNA for bringing this up!
It would seem that each one's dying would be even more personal and unique happenning than living.Also,some of us would choose music that would be in accord with this event and make the passage more peaceful, while others will want to listen to their favourites that will remind them of what they are leaving behind.I, myself, belong to the third group: there are no barriers between those two.
The last movement of Mahler's 9th Symphony.
Metallica covering 'I did it my way'
(with san francisco symphony of course)
"Time to Die" by Gary Numan
If I die feeling sorry for myself, I'll have Allen Toussaint's mournful "Cruel Way To Go Down" (from Southern Night). I liked Garfish's Ry Cooder suggestion. If I'm feeling more hopeful, I'll gracefully slide out on Cooder's "Think It's Going To Work Out Fine" (Bop Till You Drop). Great topic!
Angels singing
Angels singing
"We Bid You Goodnight", the Grateful Dead live!
Samuel Barber's "Adagio for Strings"
What about music to die from? I'm thinking anything from Kenny G here.
HAHAHA... good one Viridian : ) Sean
Turn out the lights and listen to Paul Simon's "Quiet," it's the last track off the "You're the One" album and you'll have your answer. It's not necessarily a favorite, and certainly not widely known, but if it's a soundtrack for your departure that you seek, this one comes pretty close to being it.

But the audiophile Grim Reaper can't take me yet- my new Acoustic Zen Satori Shotgun cables are on order but haven't been delivered yet. I'd be so embarassed to die listening to my current cables that I could just- well you know, die!
Queen's "another one bites the dust"
Deodato's 'Pavane for a dead princess', or Jim Hall's 'Concierto de Aranjuez' which some have dubbed as quite possibly the finest piece of music ever written.

I wonder if anyone here has ever listened to either one of these pieces?
No one for "Knockin' On Heaven's Door"?
Ralph Vaughan Williams-Fantasia on a Theme by Thomas Tallis
Felix Mendelssohn-Fingals Cave (Hebrides Overture)
"The One I Love" REM
A Love Supreme.
U2: in a little while. that's what joey ramone listened to when he died.
I thought I was the only person on the planet who liked "Visions of the Emerald Beyond"
You were wrong. And there is at least one more - John McLaughlin himself. I read interviews with him.
Back in Black - AC/DC
Pink Floyd's
"The Great Gig In The Sky"
Mahler 3, last movement. Very consoling music, I feel.
Inna, you will love Passion, Grace & Fire. The LP I have features John McLaughlin, Al Di Meola, and Paco De Lucia. It is the best guitar album in my collection

Enjoy the music.
It is the best guitar album period!
However it is a digital recording and quite old, so I have it on Japanese red label mastersound CD.
Thank You For Letting Me Be Myself Again.

Doesn't the correct answer depend on whether one wishes to ease or aggravate or speed or slow dying?
Tuatera, "Breaking the Ethers", has anyone ever heard of "Tuatera"? They are my new groove.
Something that would put me to sleep.
I mis-spelled the group "Tuatara". They have an album with a cut titled "Orpheus Must Die". I strongly beg to differ. The name of the CD is "East of the Sun". I will give it a listen.
Well, as I have a trashed heart and need a transplant, I've actually given this some serious thought. My choice will be 'Master and Margherita' by Ennio Morricone. Can't imagine a more beautiful piece of music to fade into nothingness to. :-)
Not into nothingness - into another plane of existence. We are in essence immortal. The proof? Delve into your unconscious and you will know.
I'll add one more to my original list, if I'm still around--Morten Lauridsen's Lux Aeterna.