Music to audition tube peramps with?

I am about to try a few tube preamps in my system. I know they will probably all have a 3D soundstage and sweeter mids so what music do I use to test them so that I can evaluate them better sonically?

Thanks and Happy Listening.
Use your favorit music and the record that you most familiar with.
Use the music you play and enjoy the most on your current system!
For LPs, I use:
1. Tchaikovsky 1812 (Telarc 10041)
2. Pachelbel: Kanon (Telarc 10080)
3. River of Sorrow (First Impression 002)
4. Bizet, Carmen (RCA Victor Red Seal 2449)
5. Saint-Saen "Organ" Symphony, No. 3 in C Minor. Op. 78 (Klavier Analog 526)
6. Jennifer Warnes, Blue Raincoat, Hunter, etc

For CD/SACD, I use:
1. Telarc Surround Sounds (excellent selections) 80447
2. Audio System Test by RCA Victor Red Seal.
3. Sony Music SACD Sampler (good selections)
4. Best of Chesky Classics and Jazz and Audiophile Test Disc Volume 3
5. Chesky 10th Anniversary Special Edition, Jazz and world music celebration
6. Super Audio CD Multichannel Reference CD
7. Bach Organ Blaster (Telarc)
8. Tchaikovsky 1812 (London)
9. Ein Straussfest (Telarc)

Good luck!
All of the suggestions above are excellent, but if you find yourself limited to CD only, then include the Burmester Test CD #2 on your list (most high-end audio stores should have a copy). The CD has a wide range of music, including male and female vocals, acoustic jazz, classical, pop, blues, and rock, and the audio quality is excellent.
Jennifer Warners album

1) Blue Raincoat
2) Hunter

can test dynamic any mid range performance.