music these days....

I was flipping channels today and noticed a show where Beyonnce was being interviewed.

She stated without hesititation and with comfort and conviction something to the effect that "when I write music I feel more empowered than I could be in real life"

So, the last I checked, Beyonnce has about ZERO % influence on her music, I have no doubt that she writes the lyrics, but writing lyrics aint on the same level as writing music or creating music.

Most lyrics these days could be written by a 12 year old.

Is it just me, but does this bother you? It bothers me, because it provides too much underserved credibility to todays "artists". I think if you take the average person, especially a 15 year old, they can't make the distinction or perhaps don't care enough to investigate. I feel this opens the door to every talentless Joe or Jane (see American Idol tryouts) who thinks they can do the same which could answer why we are in this sad state of Popular Music these days.
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Nothing good has happened in music since 1979.
If you're looking to Beyonce for music meaning, you're going to be disappointed. Plenty of great stuff happens in the world of music every day.
Stop hatin', justlisten...or not.

One thing I have found is that if music is not from our generation, our moment of connectedness we tend to be more critical, it's always been that way. To the kids of this generation it makes sense to them, it's their music, lifestyle and culture. Look back at every decade and you can find plenty to love and dislike about the music of that time. But ask the majority the people who grew up in that time and they will tell you it was the best music ever.

So basically, you're getting old : )
"Nothing good has happened in music since 1979."

What an ignorant statement. You're discounting over 25 years of music composition. While the late 60s and early 70s were definitely a golden era for music, there is still a bunch of great music being made today.

It is my opinion that young people today live in a state of abject artistic poverty. At least in my day some pop 'artists' ATTEMPTED to explore, aspire, push creative limits; porgressive bands like Yes, Emerson, Lake & Palmer, King Crimson, Genesis, Renaissance and others could at least LEAD you (if you had a thirst for more) to Classical music or Jazz.
Dwarves on the shoulders of giants... telling the rest of us what's on the horizon...



Check out DREAM THEATER! Enough said!
As you look back twenty years from now on her statement recordings by Brittney Spears,Beyoncee, Cristina Agulara and others are what it is; Music that was meant to sell to the masses. look at Madonna,her music is already ancient memory. But hey Elvis didn't write lyrics OR music and he still is talked about so go figure. I mean to me Roy Orbison was the real king,he wrote,composed and sang his own stuff. No music will never be the same,it's all about image more so than ever because of MTV.
"What an ignorant statement. You're discounting 25 years of music composition"

No I'm not. I accounted for it and am of the opinion that it sucks.
"03-29-07: Pawlowski6132
Nothing good has happened in music since 1979."

Well seems like you touched a nerve in some folks ! For my own personal opinion . I feel that mainstream music does have some good things happening but I have to agree that marketing is more important than the actual music these days . Mtv has aided that trend , look back to bands like duran duran... fashion and haircuts then music . One of our fello goners stated something about ignorance for the last 25 years of music . Well an awful lot of good music is out there but its harder to find mainstream because of marketing did not think it would sell or you would not buy it and more importantly they would not make the coin themselves . Some of the more influentional music from the late 80's and 90,s came from the underground and now influence more bands to play "their" music without marketing being the main rule . Only problem is finding it in a sea of american idolism garbage .
I feel the great music is still being produced, you just have to seek it out & see below the surface of all the BS dished out for the spending masses.
I like it when they shut up and play...if they can play of course.

Most Mainstream Music has sucked since the mid 70's when Punk came around,Was getting real good until then with Psych,Prog, Art Rock etc..Since Nirvina hit it big and EVERYONE copied them to death Mainstream has really gone down the toilet with so called alternative music.Not to mention the popularity of spoken word/talking without real music called Rap which is found in a sewer,The biggest waste of Airtime TV & Radio EVER.Many kids today don't know what good music is because of listening to above mentioned garbage.The Best interesting music today is the international scene of Prog,Electronic and British Invasion revival going on.The best music since the early 70's for me has always been on then underground FM stations and now the Net.Top 40 is The major's marketing tool bought and paid for by them to promote teen acts etc. with the odd underground artist breaking through from time to time.All of the above IMHO only....JD
To me, it's repetitive rhythm machine stuff with little or no improvisation or originality.
Pretty typical thread from people who are more into their gadgets than music. How absurd to proclaim that no good music has been made since 1979! Simply untrue. I hate when people generalize the entire genre of "music" by implying that all of it sounds like "insert current pop-star's name here".
Synthfreek. How absurd to think that this thread is composed by people who are more into gadgets than music. I'd be interested to know how you came to that conclusion.
You stated that "Nothing good has happened in music since 1979." I think that in itself is an admission that you are the one who isn't "into music". It's the same old "they don't make good music anymore" story that just doesn't hold water.
Having managed to reach the half-century mark, I have lived through a few of the changes in popular music. This argument has been around as long as I can remember. Each generation has their "benchmark" for what qualifies (for them) as good music.
I remember folks saying the Beatles, Who, Animals , (insert group name here) were crap. In the mid to late '70s disco was all the rage. Some thought that was crap. The '80s gave us boy bands, Cyndi Lauper, Madonna, and "big hair bands" (Whitesnake, anyone?) Some thought that that was crap.The era of punk with Sex Pistols, Ramones, etc. And so it goes, with each sea change in popular culture.
Actually/unfortunately the 70's brought us Whitesnake. I don't really think the argument is that one does or doesn't like a particular style of music or group, etc. but that there has been no good music in general produced in the last 25 years. That's a little different than say me being a big fan of punk rock and not liking Dream Theater. At least I'm listening and I know who Dream Theater is...know what I mean? I'm not so closed-minded that I just write everything else off as crap. I'll at least listen to it first before I deem it crap :-) By far the biggest misnomer is that there is no good rock anymore. Maybe on pop radio and MTV there isn't any good rock being played but there is some seriously great stuff in recent years. You like Neil Young? Try a Built To Spill album! You like The Who? Buy a Nuggets boxset and discover a wealth of bands who were just as good but didn't quite "make it". Like Pink Floyd then try The Orb or Porcupine Tree. People are just so lazy that it's easier for them to say they just don't good music anymore.
even hip hop is dead. same old soup re-heated a million times.we need a musical revolution once again. as beyonce would say to the left to the left.but there is hope like the bands wolfmother and the sword .
Synthfreek; it's called hyperbole. Maybe you should read a book once in awhile instead of just listening to crappy music.
I have to agree with the sentiment that new music is in the dumper. Another big problem are the people who listen to it. It would go away if the ignorant mindset would change. Just drive down a main street anywhere and doubtless you will come across some idiot will have his windows down no matter what the weather and pushing mindless rap on the rest of the world.
I will try to word this AGAIN in a little less blunt way so the moderator doesn't 86 it. Pawlowski, not only do I listen to cool post-1979 music but I also read cool books. Currently I am reading books by Dave Eggers, Richard Brautigan, Thomas Pynchon and David Sedaris. Enjoying that new Grisham?
Synthfreek; just relax a bit. You're taking this too seriously. I've nerver heard of those authors you mention and believe it or not, I just finished a Grisham novel this weekend. Take care.
Dave Eggers' latest : "What is the what"

David Sedaris is the brother of actress Amy Sedaris who has also just published a hilarious satire on entertaining...

Excellent group of authors you have listed there... are you a librarian by chance?
David Sedaris...does he have a show on NPR or PRI?? The name sounds familiar.
David Sedaris is a regular "guest" on NPR. Along with being a writer, I guess I would call him a raconteur, or an observer of the human condition, he uses his own life experiences as examples. Amy Sedaris, his sister, recently had a TV show called "Strangers With Candy" in which she played the world's oldest high school freshman, returning to school after doing a long stint in prison on drug charges. Really funny and really disturbing.
I have Amy's book as well but my wife is "devouring" it now. Inside there is a very funny page showing the actual "Fu@# It Bucket" from several of David's stories. I'd recommend Me Talk Pretty One Day as the first book of his to read. Side-splitting from beginning to end. Holidays On Ice is also fantastic. I have ran book stores, video stores and record stores so maybe I have an unfair advantage. My wife also has a doctorate in literature so we have a pretty decent library.
I was pleased to see someone mention that particular group of authors. When you mentioned Brautigan, I was trying to think which work. I know Sedaris' new one, Pynchon's new one, but Brautigan has not had anything published recently, has he?

sorry to hijack the thread from music to literature....

Sad to say, Richard Brautigan committed suicide in the mid 1980s. I love all of his books, novels and poetry alike. Most famous, probably "Troutfishing In America," but also check out the more obscure, such as "Willard and His Bowling Trophies." A truly unique writer. That was a nice list, Synthfreek.
'Good music' happens ALL the time. It maybe a case of one just finding it.