Music, Theater listening chair

I would like to find a listening chair that is confortable and modern looking. Any sites I can goto? Any suggestions would be appreciated
Depends on what you prefer as far as listening posture. If you like semi-reclined, here's a recliner you may find interesting: I personally don't do HT at all...only 2 channel. And I'm addicted to near-field (5 to 7 ft max) monitoring. So I tried a very comfortable wing chair, but hated having any part of the chair in proximity to my ears. So that was out...probably should have been a "no brainer". After a little experimentation, I've found I prefer to sit very upright...and often leaning slightly forward. So now I'm using one of our dining room arm chairs. Still haven't found my ultimate listening chair, am thinking of trying an overstuffed, ergonomic executive office's what we typically use in the recording studio for all night sessions. Don't know if this helps...good luck. Your mileage may vary.