Music that You Have JUST BOUGHT, and can

Lucinda Williams' latest titled "Get Right With God"...if you like breathy, close to the heart stories about your past love or about your present "girl on the side"...get this!
and can what Stereokarter?
-not live without
-ada will never let you back into their country for
-berra will never let you back into their city for
-recommend to others
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-tatas are not a part of it

Just a few guesses.
and cannot wait to get home to play!
Darn it, and I thought that I had it nailed!
Eh? You heard it before you bought it?
Thanks for posting stereokarter, I just bought it too and have listened three times . I too was going to post, I'm glad you beat me to it. thanks too Stereokarter-- this is one I've been waiting for. Craig
No, Paulwp, but Lucinda just played here in Toronto At Massey Hall and got great reviews...missed her though...rats! So I saw the release at Tower Record and bought it on spec.
Colm, I was kidding. Many of us have named the "Lucinda Williams" (white cover reissued on Koch) or "Car Wheels. . ." among our favorite cds. Nice of you to call attention to the new one.

I intend to buy this new one when I make my next Amazon order or stumble into a store. I read a good review of it somewhere too, but the way I feel about the "Lucinda Williams" cd, I'll buy anything else she comes out with from now until the end of time. It's one of my 5 or 6 favorite albums.
Sounds like a good one (called "Essence", right?). I just saw her (and Kasey Chambers) last week, and her new tunes (as well as her old) sounded great. Terrific song writer. She must be doing pretty well; she's traveling with some really fine, versatile musicians. She's also beyond having to sell her CDs in the lobby; otherwise I coulda bought the new one then. Rocked the house with a 10-12 minute, rave-up version of "Joy." She came out looking like a blonde Chrissie Hyndes with a cowboy hat -- black leather pants and boots, black Deborah Harry t-shirt, sparkly necklace and a little glitter around here eyes. It was an "on" night. The crowd was alive, and Lucinda and the band clearly enjoyed their gig. Lucky us, we got three encores.
I just picked up this Lucinda Williams CD (as noted by Jayboard, it's titled "Essense"), and it's certainly destined to become a favorite of mine-- great music, and well recorded. I liked the track "Get Right with God", what do others think of it? Craig
Yes, friends, of course LW's latest is correctly titled "ESSENCE"...I was looking at the booklet cover when I posted. All the tracks get top marks, especially "Steal Your Love", "I Envy the Wind" and the last 2 "Bus to Baton Rouge" and "Broken Butterflies" (which I am still trying to fully understand.

The vocals are stupendous...a step up from Margo with that edge of is if Lucinda is still living this stuff!

Then there's the melodies...just keeps one humming! 'Hope she come back to T.O. soon.
Definately a keeper. "essence" is my present "fave". Lucinda can melt a mike with her sexy voice. I actually have some of her on vinyl, a couple large 45's. Sound quality is smoking. Godd listening, everyone and Happy Cadad Day and a safe and joyous 4th to all you Americans. Bluenose
Opps! Happy Canada Day.....I didn't check me spelling. Bluenose
Get Right With God was way cool when she performed it in concert, Craig; sounds like a classic. Unfortunately, as is often the case with pop/rock concerts, some bad sound -- shredded highs -- made it a fight to understand the lyrics of songs I was hearing for the first time. I wonder if there are a few songwriting lapses on Essence? Envy the Wind sounded kind of one-dimensional and almost cliched, a characteristic that her work is almost entirely free of. The refrain, We're So Out of Touch, of one song sounded so simplistic and unrhythmic that I figured -- or hoped -- that in all the lyrics I couldn't make out there must be some delicious irony or criticism to set if off. As I said before, I think she is a top-notch songwriter, which is why I wonder... I don't have the CD yet, so in the meantime, comments from any fans?
Rushed out and bought "Essence". Listening to it at work, you guys got it right. Can't wait to get Lucinda home. Also got Tom Russell's "Borderland" while I was there - sounds very nice too.
Rushed out and bought "Essence". Listening to it at work, you guys got it right. Can't wait to get Lucinda home.

I also got Tom Russell's "Borderland" while I was there - sounds very nice too.
I was shopping for food today at Costco (big membership discount warehouse) and there it was staring me in the face, along with two Eva Cassidy cds, $11.49 each. The confusion about the title of the cd is explained by the artwork on the inside of the cover and the booklet.

I think I'll go listen to it now.