Music that really moved me

Beyond music that is intrinsically beautiful, the other day I was reflected on music that emotionally moved me as no other has before or since.

Taps. On my first funeral detail at a Military burial. I didn't know 'til then!

A day or so after 9/11, at the National Cathedral in Washington DC they sang The Battle Hymn of the Republic. It really struck a chord I'll never forget!
After my father passed in 2003 he was 82 and a WWII Vet. Buried with full Honours and they played Taps. I have never heard that song the same way since then. I can hardly keep from getting teary whenever I hear it now.

I also get sentimental when I hear a great vocalist sing "Where or When" .
I'm stunned when hear Ofra Haza performing National Anthem of Israel. To me she was the most beautiful lady with the most beautiful voice on the universe and the melody always reminds the glorious history of braveness and success of battles that protected these holy lands.
No music is intrinsically beautiful. What you like might
not find favor with anyone else. " Beauty" as a label is usually defined
by personal or community preferences.

Emotional connections that include music certainly can be very powerful with many audiophiles and non-audiophiles alike. Isn't it part of what
makes us human?