Music that has a hold of me beyond understanding

Tintagel by Bax. Just love it. Maybe its the 'connection' of the locus with King Arthur. If you are not familar with it, it is a castle sitting on a rugged coast of western England. Very picturesque. Music is haunting and is appropriate I think. If you like classical music at all, give it a listen you might find it as I do.


That Bax stuff is nice @newbee !


There is also Vagner’s “Ring Cycle”.
and Kate Bush’s “Heathcliff.”
and Benjamin Clement’s ‘Winston Churchill’s Boy”  

The historic references crosses a many a gendre…

The Kate Bush song is called 'Wuthering Heights'..... 

yeah the title, “It’s me, I’m Kathy” did not work… 😁

Bax  is one composer that I have just never been able to get, except possibly some of his Chamber Music.  His music is full of clotted harmonies and stasis.  Perhaps I can try Tintagel again