Music that everyone else loves but you just don't

Like the thread title says, there's some music that everyone else seems to love but I don't.
I don't have their albums, I switch stations if I hear it, my eyes glaze over when yet another thread starts up about how great the remaster of the remastered tapes begins...get a grip I wanna yell it's elevator muzak! :p

Who's on your list then?

Here's some of mine:

Eagles ('s a country mile to get away)
Dianna Krall
The Boss (but if he's in a backing band then that's OK(think Warren Zevon) )
All Boy Bands
All Girl Bands
The Stones...basically everything
Fleetwood Mac (everything since P.Green left)
The twenty thousand clones of Aretha Franklin
Johnny Winter
Grateful Dead
Lots and lots of Neil Young
Steely Dan all albums except CDTE
The Doors
Led Zep after Houses of the Holy

There's more but that's a start.

I think growing up listening to Grand Funk Railroad ruined me for heavy metal music....nothing compares I'm afraid to Mark, Don and Mel.


Yep, I know there's a lot of elevator muzak a lot of Mall muzak in there but ...hey that's where this stuff tends to end up or on baby boomer FM stations.

Now don't get angry, don't get cranky if your favourite music appears in someone's list...just chill and write your own. This is just a thread for people who mightn't like what everybody else likes. Some harmless fun if you like.

You could of course put an alternative to your disliked band/singer/musician in brackets. Even though I didn't, feel free to do so yourself.

Cheers :D
Reading this thread inspired me to go read the billboard top 100... I can't say I know more than 10 or 15 songs, and none of those are even remotely listenable. What a shame
Anything with Lindsey Buckingham and/or Stevie Nicks. They've made bubble gum rock and roll an artform.

Honorable mention:
Norah Jones
Phil Collins
David Bowie
Lady Goo Goo
Sheryl Crow

Time to hang up the spikes:
The Who
Crosby, Stills, and Nash
Guns N Roses
Since we're blaspheming, Clapton (great player, boring music), Rolling Stones, Pink Floyd. Keep being told I should like them but cant. Really dont get Floyd. I listen to utube quite a lot (type in "full concert" and a ton of stuff comes up. Tried listening to a PF concert the other day and gave up after 15 minutes.
Nodding my head at a lot of choices here and also noting that the majority of them are pretty long in the tooth.

Clapton is pretty boring isn't he but he's forgiven as he was the mastermind behind ' Concert for George' and that was a ripper!

Just tried some Winston Marsarlis(wrong spelling I know) for the first time, it's a live concert and I was somewhat underwhelmed by it all. Makes you not want to try the rest of an album when you pull it off after the first track.