music streamer pro?

Does anyone have experience with the Music Streamer Pro? It is the step up from the Music Streamer Plus, with miniQ XLR balanced outs.
The Pro model is not yet available. I hope to hear it at CES.
It has been available for a couple of weeks, but availability is limited at present (per HRT). I would love to hear your impressions of the unit, as I am giving serious consideration to getting one.
I just picked one up at CES. I will report back towards the end of the week.
Any feedback. Very interested in your experience. Thanks sells them ($499 + free shipping) via their site and Ebay.
I used it twice, and the sound is high quality, and great noise isolation. Perfect for mixing, master or listen (editing purposes)
Not used a pro nor a plus, but I am quite happy with the plain Jane model. Hard to beat for $99!