Music sounds natural when player kept powered on

Despite whatever people claim, in my system, I find that when I leave my CD player on, the music sounds absolutely natural and does not have any brittleness/hardness to it. I also find that my system images more precisely with the player left on 24X7.
My question is, how does leaving the player on affect the laser/lens? Does the life of the laser/lens deteriorate at a rapid rate as compared to when it is shut down after each use?
I never turn off my cd player as my experience mirrors yours. The laser is only on when a disc is playing.It shouldn't affect it's lifetime.There is also a debate as to
wear and tear powering on and off has on internal components.
See this article as it also backs up your findings
Not an expert, but I just can't see how "leaving the player on" will "affect the laser/lens". How many times a day are you powering it on and off? I agree with Montejay; powering it on and off will probably wear it more than leaving it on......

PS-don't forget, digital players can be somewhat prone to failure, & need repair. They are complicated components.
Thanks for the link and confirming that there are no ill-effects to leaving the unit powered on. Isn't it divine when the music sounds so natural? Sometimes I keep wondering what benefits I would achieve by upgrading to the Marantz SA-11S2. Had my lens replaced in February this year after it failed to read 2 single layer SACDs

Even I am not an expert and was wondering. Hence the question. I switch my machine on/off just once a day. But that was not the point. The point was leaving it on makes the music sounding so natural. I am at a loss of words here. All I can say is, when I switch it on and play the music, it does not distract me much from the work I am doing at hand. But if I play some music on it when it is left powered on, the music simply grabs my attention and distracts me from doing any work that I have at my hand. I simply have to stop the player or stop my work. The music becomes so engrossing. Don't know why, or the science behind it (capacitor charging, etc)...but it happens. Believe it or not.
It would be beneficial to know what the various CD player manufacturers advise about this. They're the folks who should know this intimately. Is the machine's life shortened by leaving it powered up all of the time? Yes or no?? Does the power supply stay warm and if so, would this cause it to wear out sooner? If the circuit board components (capacitors, diodes, etc) stay energized all of the time, would that shorten their opeational life???

Good stuff !!
i have a ps audio perfect wave dac and transport and can report hearing no diffference between leaving the dac and transport on --i did this for one week and turning on each component prior to listening.

i have also not noticed the phenomenon of warm-up using tube preamps, tube amps and tube-based cd playerss.

i have noticed the affect of break -in of components but it doesn't seem to matter to me who long a component has been left on, as far as its sound is concerned.

perhaps this is another example of the placebo effect.

oh well, we all have our opinions on this and many subjects are almost impossible to confirm, i.e., demonstrate their existence.

i suppose, if one owned two of the same component and left one on while turning the other on and off an experiment could be designed.

note some people have more acute hearing and while others make be erroneous with respect to their perceptions.
Just to make it clear - it is my experience that I am describing. I don't have to do any experiments or prove anything to any one.
Yes, I understand that I might have acute hearing while you maybe making an erroneous perception. But nobody is perfect, so it is fine with me. I have my opinion and you have your opinion.
There have been some CD players in the past that powered the laser whenever the unit was switched on. You should contact the manufacturer to know more about your specific CD player.

I own an old Kinergetics KCD-40 that does not sound right until it is powered up for 3 days. By the 3rd day the soundstage opens up and the over all sound becomes smooth and relaxed with excellent timbre.

I also own an Audio Research CD player that does not sound that different after being left on.