Music similar to Mike Oldfield

Hi all, recently started listening to Mike Oldfield's and I love it! Amarok is my favorite. Could be the best hour you'll ever spend. I love finding new music, so anyone know of artists similar to Mike I should check out?
Check out Jean Michel Jarre. Walter/Wendy Carlos. Try also early Rush 2112, hemispheres and a Farewell to Kings (Xanadu). Depeche Mode Construction Time. Jethro Tull.
There aren’t many artists a lot like Mike Oldfield. The general genre of instrumental synth (including shadorne’s) suggestions) gets you the closest. Another suggestion is Larry Fast/Synergy. Some of Steve Hacket’s solo work. Some of Tangerine Dream. His sister Sally Oldfield put out a record "Water Bearer" similar in style, but a vocal record. Mike plays on it.

if you don’t have all of Mike Oldfields records, you may as well get them. My favorite by far is "Ommadawn". "Amarock" is great. "Music of the Spheres" and "Guitars" even better, and better still "Songs of Distant Earth".

Helios - Unleft

Eluvium - Copia
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Try some David Arkenstone.
Thanks for all the suggestions! I got a lot of listening ahead...
Mark Isham - Vapor Drawings, Castalia
Patrick O'Hearn - Eldorado

Tubular Bells II  - live at Edinburgh Castle, 1992

This is a Laser Disc release with analog/digital sound.

His finest hour, takes TB theme to higher levels. TB III kinda drawback due to more commercial sound/style to please masses. Not my thing anymore.
Crisis album features wonderful "Moonlight Shadow", a perfect pop tune sung by Maggie Reilly, 1983.
Yes, love TB II, but after Amarok (and I love Amarok the most by a wide margin) Five Miles out is in my Mike Oldfield #2 spot. Most people say Ommadawn is theIr favorite, but I've only heard about 25% of it so far... need to keep listening. Mike's music definitely requires you to listen many times and gets better with each listen!
Just Finishing up Crisis, Amazing stuff. I listened to the majority of the above suggestions, but none are doing it for me so far like MO.

Next is Islands..

BTW...keep the suggestions coming. William Orbit was almost doing it for me...
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Islands is Awesome!

Here is my current Mike Oldfield list in order of enjoyment:

2.)Five Miles Out
3.)Songs of a Distant Earth
4.)Tubular Bells II
7.)Tubular Bells
10.)Return to Ommadawn
11.)Heaven's Open
12.)Tubular Bells III

Which one you think I should do next out of these options?:

Hergest Ridge 
The Killing Fields
Earth Moving
The Millennium Bell 
Tr3s Lunas 
Tubular Bells 2003 
Light + Shade 
Music of the Spheres 
Man on the Rocks 

I’d say Hergest Ridge or Platinum, but suspect you may prefer the latter (more song oriented)
just listened to Man on the rocks - didn't really enjoy it as much as the others
Music of the sphere's I will need a lot more time with, being classical and all - but this one looks promising at first glance
Light+Shade is one that I will need to buy, this was fantastic
Guitars sounds really promising, as well. Only listened to a couple tracks and I like what I hear.

On to the Killing Fields and Hergest Ridge next...
Just wondering if you have heard of Shamall. Has some vocals, but mostly instrumental.