Music Servers-Why so few?

With the explosion of Dacs and discussions of computer audio one would think the server market would flourish as well. Where are all of the "big" names and their offerings? They can certainly produce Dacs. With the exception of Bryston, it seems the small companies are the only ones who offer something and then its a crapshoot as to who will be able to answer an email or have a decent website with useful information. Where are they?

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Alot of people want the advantages of computer playback without a computer in the audio rack. I was set on a Mach2Server until it got more complicated as I kept looking into it. I dont care for Media Monkey and J River interfaces. I just need the basic ipod playback functions and a remote app for my ipad along with a great playback system. I dont want to have to tweak and play arond with just to keep the playback optimized.

Bryston seems to be the only one who has produced a stellar playback system without the PC. It looked like the Linux based systems would continue to evolve. They will play back bit perfect without a fuss. I was all set to get the Auraliti but never heard back from them.

I guess it will take more time for things to materialize. It should be interesting.
Koestner- Glad to hear the PK90 is working out. Its the one I have the most interest in. I did hear back from Auraliti, a very nice reply about 7 business days later. I asked some followup questions and am still waiting....

I think about $800 is the max a server should cost without the ripper which I do on my pc using DB Poweramp. I guess the most recent alternative to this server is using my laptop with Jplay which has emerged as a front runner in the PC software arena.

I dont really want the PC in my rack and like the simplicity and purpose of a dedicated server.
Kenneythekey- How much can be saved building yourself? The turnkey version is certainly no bargain cost wise. The downside is running windows IMO. I would rather have a rudimentary interface and have linux do the work in the background knowing that I dont have to optimize settings or check to see nothing has changed.
Bondmanp= How does the Vortexbox integrate with the Squeezebox? I kind of dismissed the SB as I thought the resolution maxed at 24/96. I dont have much higher res stuff, mostly ripped CD's but still want to hear what the highest rez sounds like.

Kennythekey-so the SB will pull the music from the NAS? Just trying to picture what I need to go with the SB. I have a nice DAC with USB, coas and toslink. I need a computer running SB and does it stream wireless?

Guess I need to do some more research....