Music Servers-Why so few?

With the explosion of Dacs and discussions of computer audio one would think the server market would flourish as well. Where are all of the "big" names and their offerings? They can certainly produce Dacs. With the exception of Bryston, it seems the small companies are the only ones who offer something and then its a crapshoot as to who will be able to answer an email or have a decent website with useful information. Where are they?

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Another option is a DIY but pre-designed server that can be upgraded. One that is a computer, is small, and made to go with your audio components.

You can check out the C.A.P.S. v2.0 that was designed by Chris Connaker, the founder of Computer Audiophile. It looks like a fun and rewarding project and something I may do as well. There is quite the ongoing thread with this post.
Forgot to mention, that the C.A.P.S v2.0 can be purchased pre-built from Small Green Computer, and you can use an app to control it from different pads, etc.
Stl114_nj - I think the built price is competitive with DIY costs. Some opt for DIY for the experience and later have no trouble with doing upgrades.

I also use a Squeezebox Touch as a player, and I'm in the process of adding a 2-bay NAS to store my audio files. I will then use any one of my existing computers to download and/or rip my files to the NAS for playback by SBT.

Down the road, I may add an external HDD that the NAS will backup to, and play the files from the HDD that's directly connected to a new music server. However, I'm liking the Touch and I use coax to my DAC.
The SBT plugs into your router directly or wirelessly. It then can find any drives connected to your router and play music from them. Right now, it plays music in my listening room from files that are stored in my Music folder of my computer in my office.

I will add a NAS and hang it off my router where I will store my audio files and redirect the SBT to play from there.

The SBT has a built-in DAC but I don't use it because its sound is not very good. However, the SBT has digital outputs that bypass its internal DAC to hook to your own DAC. I use the coax one.

Logitech now has Media Server for the SBT that is installed on a computer such as the one in my office. This means that the SBT only works if Media Server is running, so your computer must be turned on to play the SBT. There is an option, for installing a Squeezebox Server module directly on the NAS, so you do not need to have your computer turned on.
Same with the SBT, the server module is on a NAS, for example, and then you can install an App to control the SBT from a Pad device. You can also you the Touch's touch screen to control it directly and it comes with a remote as well.