Music servers - Naim vs. Linn vs. Bladelius Embla

Just wondering if anyone has heard and compared music servers from Naim, Linn against the Bladelius Embla?
I have not compared them, but I have heard the Naim several times. For a digital source, it is the closest to vinyl I have ever heard.
In German HiFi Magazine Bladelius Embla got more points than Naim HDX.

Linn units are bit different. Naim HDX and Bladelius Embla are so called music servers - meaning they have disks and a set of implemented communication protocols (ethernet, WLAN, USB, etc.) for communicating with clients. Linn units do not have disks and concerning communication, they only have ethernet port. They are basically clients. But nevertheless,they sound very good. Linn also has several models, whereas the top model Linn Klimax DS is recognised as the best HDD player (or network player) that exists on the market today.
Thank you for your responses. I would need to audition each in turn before making a final decision.
You may want to audition a Transporter along with those. You may save yourself some $ and find it outperforms them in some respects. No internal storage but easy enough to solve that.

Enjoy your quest...