Music server with two outputs, considering Lumin D2 and Mytek Brooklyn Bridge

Hi I am new to this but looking to stream TIDAL from a player to both my main listening system, preferably via XLR, and also to my whole house system which would need to be via RCA.  Main system is PS Audio BHK preamp to Bryston SST to B&W 805D and a sub.   Whole house is wired and accepts RCA inputs.  I would like to listen to both systems simultaneously if possible, so would like a player which will output from both XLR and RCA at the same time with little reduction in SQ.  Player with a DAC is a plus.  Any recommendations are appreciated. Budget of around 2-3k.  Thanks. 
OP we sell both here is the skinny on both

Lumin great sound quality a bit on the warmer side, fantastic app, less expensive, no digital inputs.

Brooklyn Bridge no native control app, digital inputs, headphone stage, a bit clearer less warm and full bodied more expensive.

Both are fantastic sounding, you need to evaluate where you want to be in terms of price and features.

A clear winner would be going to the Lumin T2 which although is a bit more expensive is just magical sounding and has the feature of being able to be used as a USB transport to an even better dac in the future.  Considering the core components in your system the T2 would definatly be a huge improvement.

Dave and Troy
Audio Doctor NJ Lumin and Mytek dealers
You might want to e-mail Lumin as I don't think you can hook up both outputs at once.
Thank you both for the responses.  I will check with Lumin on the output issue. 
Both outputs are live.
But if my memory is correct Peter said not to connect both at the same time.
What I would consider is XLR to your BHK pre, that pre has multiple outputs.  That is how I accomplish the same thing.
Thanks for that suggestion and I may end up there.