Music server with Modwright Transporter as source

I use Modwright transport ( as a source and want to buy either a NAS, with 4-5 2GB HDD to store all of my FLAC files, or build a standard server with a bunch of disks.

-What drives are preferred for quality / reliability?

- Western Digital Caviar Green WD20EARS 2TB 64MB is very cheap in Sweden. I read that this disk does not support TLER, which makes it impossible to drive in the RAID context, is it true? What other options are there?

-Is there any noticeable disadvantage of running HDD over 1TB HDD? The question regarding speed, 5400rpm vs 7200rpm, when it comes to my goal, will it works well with 5400rpm HDD?

- I am very keen to retain all the FLAC files, then I sold all my original CD, so how the data backing you up? Good enough to run with RAID5 or is it better to burn the music on Blue-ray discs?

All tips are welcome!
Unless you are going to support hundreds of streams, get the slowest (in terms of RPMs) drives you can. They'll run cooler and suck less power. Don't worry about the absence of TLER. If a raid controller depends on TLER, I'd look for another controller or software. (don't believe everything you read on Wikipedia)

You must have a ton of songs if you are going to use 4TB for data (4 2TB drives raid10 with no spares).