Music Server with Hi-Rez digital outputs ?


There are plenty stand alone music servers that can send data (to external DAC)with sampling rate up to 96 kHz. However, I am looking for a music server with digital outputs capable to send 176.4 kHz and 192 kHz (24 bit ) data?

Thank you in advance

Hi Rafael,

The Music Vault 24-192 and Music Vault Diamond output the resolution stored on the Hard Drive. It was named 24-192 because that is its highest resolution but it will output what is stored on it.

When a person has spent significant money on their DAC,
Said DAC hopefully has a very excellent process for up-sampling to 24 bit 192 KSPS or whatever the limit is for that particular DAC is. Consequently you don't want the music server doing the upsampling for you. It would have been easier to design it outputting only 24 bit 192 KSPS rather than have it adjust on the fly.

That is why we designed the Music Vault 24-192 and Music Vault Diamond to output exactly what is stored on the Music Vault's Hard Drive.

The Music Vault 24-192 is capable with some extra software of recording analog signals, I am here to tell you that you can get a virtually indistinguishable copy of your record stored on the Music Vault.

This also means if you have a Universal Player, you can take the analog out of SACDs into the Music Vault and make a near identical recording at 24 bit 192 KSPS if you want to.

That is how I have added my SACDs to my personal Music Vault.
Once the forthcoming “Bridge” from PS Audio becomes available (slated for later this year), it will – in combination with their Perfect Wave DAC, function as a “full range” music server (up to 24/ 192). This combination will also provide/utilize pure I2S in the digital stream – as opposed to converting S/PDIF (PS claims that their Digital Lens reduces jitter to “well below 1ps”
Thank you Moonlightaudio for your detailed answer.

I am curious, have you compared the sound quality between SACD analog input digitized by Music Vault and CD layer of Hybrid SACD "ripped" to Music Vault.

That is very interesting.

Also, small question: Music Vault 24-192 deals with Apple loseless or FLAC...or both?

Thank you again.

The Music Vault 24-192 can playback any file type used for audio. To auto rip the Music Vault uses Apple Lossles or WMA Lossless.
Manually you can rip in any format you want to.

Recording the SACD onto the Music Vault from the Analog in at 24-192 is virtually identical to the SACD.
I'm not sure about this, but I think some people are heading away from those devices at all and just loading J River or Media Monkey and playing from computer direct. You need a good soundcard if non-laptop, and if laptop, just get docking station with SPDIF out. Not 100% sure if you can do 24/192 on laptop SPDIF, but I know you can do 24/96. If non-laptop I think the soundcard that the Berkeely DAC recommends for 24/192 is one of the various Lynx cards, for PC I think Lynx AES16 PCI digital I/O card. And they headed for the AES/EBU connector.