Trying to find a music server that has on-screen video display feature. You know, like an AppleTV, but not a POS.

Something that can be integrated into a Home Theater system remote control for conventional control features.
I no longer like the concept of having an iPad to control the music.

Tried the Autonomics MMS 2A, but was not very impressed with it's abiltiy to function, in general.

The Linn products are a bit (way) out of my price range. 

What else is there ?
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How about a Raspberry Pi? :)

Hook it up with Volumio, and presto.
As far as I know, the Pi products do not support any third party control systems like RTI, Elan, Savant, etc, which is a requirement for my application.  If they had control / transport drivers or Rs232 strings that worked with any of the above, I would love to try it.